April 29, 2014






After the shower we headed to dinner! Kelly put together flowers for us to take home. Luckily I have a million cup holders and a sister. We even brought some flowers into the restaurant to decorate our table. 

I was not part of the steak tartar party (it’s one of my sister’s faves)! The calamari was amazing as always though. We love Searsucker downtown and now there’s one in North County (San Diego). 

Aren’t these flowers ridiculous? Apparently not in season though! I had no idea. When she asked me to tell me about my “dream shower” I said…pink…and peonies. Kelly must have found a private stock! It made me feel guilty yet extra special! We have them all over the house now and I want them to last forever. 

Don’t you just love it when someone makes your wishes come true? 

  • Gorgeous, is right! Wow, what a beautiful arrangement! It looks like you had a great time, you’re surrounded by amazing and loving people 🙂

  • Gorgeous! That was so sweet of her to get them!

    • 🙂 She is a total perfectionist. I was like, “Get carnations” and she was probably like, “Are you crazy?”

  • So So so so gorgeous!! I had pink peonies all throughout my wedding and I have to say- I loved them almost more than I loved my dress LOL

    • YES! LOVED your wedding design! There is just nothing like them!

  • The flowers are GLORIOUS! Like pink cotton candy but better. 🙂 I’m so glad they spoiled you with exactly what you wanted. Every mom deserves to feel special at her shower!!

    • AH! Abby! Thank you! Totally cotton candy! Wait until I post the shower photos! I love doing things to show I care. THIS was the most incredible way to receive love back!!!