Name Game

April 30, 2014


Creation VeniceIMG_4509-1The due date is less than 6 weeks away and we have yet to decide on a name. This is our hot list. Please add something you think would be a good fit! 

  • Grant
  • Jack
  • Rhett (Chris isn’t into this one)
  • Drew
  • Rome
  • Roger
  • Robert
  • David
  • Gray
  • Austin

Looks like we’re into what The Baby Name Wizard book calls “brisk, dashing and breezy.” Short is good. I think to myself, “Who sounds dependable, warm, kind, intelligent, sensitive, strong and witty?” At that rate he’s going to have to be named Jesus or something! Remember, I’m Christina and my husband is Chris (Christopher). We’ve got to try something different. Oh, and the dog is Charlie but Charlie is on our maybe list. 

  • My vote is on Grant! Congrats, your so close!

    • Thank you, Cathy! Grant is one of the most popular! It IS getting so close. I am trying to get my hospital bag packed this week! 🙂 I’m sort of in avoidance/denail yet very excited for the baby. 🙂

  • Ahh you’re so close!! I really like Grant and Jack. Very straightforward, honest names. I also like Jackson!

    • Bethany, it’s so nice to see messages from you today!! Yes, Grant and Jack are awesome. Jackson is super cute too. It’s sounding very presidential like Krista says below. I’m kind of into that! I met a woman with a son named Cruz this weekend. So many interesting names out there!!! A friend of mine just named her son Johnson!

  • withluckblog

    I just think Jack is the cutest name1 But I really like Grant, too!

    • OH, it’s a good one, isn’t it?! I think it’s gaining popularity again. I am hoping for something slightly unique but not too weird! Grant has been quite popular with people here! AHHHH. What to choose!!??

  • Ginger

    I like Grant the best. Grant Warren sounds very good.

    • Thank you, Ginger!!!! You are a wonderful name selector!!! SUCH a big decision!!! XO

  • BlushandBarbells

    I think you should name the baby Fernando. After the bull or after Valenzuela, either is a good pick.

    • This is fantastic! Thank you! I was speaking with my friend in Brazil about a week ago and she had some great names like Pablo and Gustavo. I want to hear it all!! Thank you! XO

  • I love Rhett, but a lot of the names are great! Grant and Austin are nice!

    • Oh Rhett totally jumped off the baby name book page at me! I love it! Chris…not so much! 🙂 Thank youj!

  • I love the name Rhett!!

    • Isn’t that a cool name? It was in the baby book too and I got a cool feeling when I saw it. I just wonder about how that will sound on a future phone call he makes to Verizon for instance….”Brent?” “Rat?” “What is your name, sir?” Hopefully in the future, reception will be crystal clear. lol

  • You’ve got some solid choices on your list. You may get a better idea once you deliver cause the baby might just look like he should have a certain name. Short is good though cause people always have a tendency to shorten long names. If I had a dollar for every time someone tried to call me Ro ;p Looking forward to seeing what you decide on!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • I agree, I think we’ll end up bringing the list to the hospital! Thank you! Yes, I was called Tina and Chrissy etc. I kind of like the full name better! Thank you so much!!

  • I love the name Grant! Good luck deciding!

    • OOO very cool coming from a writer! Thank you, Chelsea! Love it!

  • Oh man, not gonna lie, the responsibility of naming someone totally freaks me out! That’s why I don’t have a little list like most girls do. I think boys names are way harder than girls for some reason. I love your ideas and I think you have really unique, yet classic, choices. Grant, Gray (or Grayson?), and Austin are some of my faves. 🙂 Good luck in choosing! I’m sure you’ll settle on something perfect!! xoxo

    • Look, Abby, I’m there with you! Having the baby is the least of my worries! LOL It’s the naming that’s got me crazy! HA! I DO think boys are harder. I never had a “baby name list” growing up. Although I DID name every baby doll , Sally. HMM. I love how many of the readers are digging the G names! Cool! I love them too. Thank you so much!!! XO

  • ahhh so exciting! 🙂 and I love the names that you’ve picked out! i’m a big fan of classic/timeless names. excited to hear what you pick!

    • Thank you, Jackie! We do like the classics. Here in California (maybe that’s everywhere too now) we hear so many “alternative” names so I get caught up in those sometimes. Just like picking an engagement ring, I want something that I’ll like forever. lol. Thank you!

  • My two favorite baby names for boys are Rory and Shane. Those are not listed but thought I could add them as a write in ballot, lol. Baby naming is so freaking hard. Just remember as long as you don’t go with anything too funky it will be fine. I would still love my daughter and think she was amazing even if her name was toaster. When you are preggo it feels like their name will determine who they will be in life but that is not true at all. P.S. We AGONIZED over names. We had full blown arguments. It was horrendous. In the end we went to the hospital with no name and when my hubby saw how uncomfortable I was during labor he relented and we named the baby, Taylor. P.P.S. Taylor hates her name and wishes we had named her Rosie after the sister on Caillou. LMFAO!

    • Rory is SUCH a cool name….my mom is Korean and it would just be cruel to make her try to say this American name!! HA! It is so hard. Hilarious that your daughter has a specific name she wishes she had…come to think of it, I love the name Lisa Marie (my bff in kindergarten) and suggested it as a name for my little sister. She DID get the middle name Marie from that! LOVE that you had full blown arguments. LOL Chris and I visit the list every few days and do a couple “eh” “oh” “eee” kind of things and forget about it again. I think we’ll bring the list to the hospital at this point! Thank you so much!!!

  • Teresa Welge Harris

    I like Grant or Drew. I love the name Harrison, but Harrison Harris wasn’t going to work! 😉

    • LOL, Yes, we have a few of those kinds of names on the “cold” list…any form of Christopher is OUT for the first name…but hey, maybe for a middle??? Thank you!

  • I love the names Grant and Austin!

    • OOO your Southern tastes?! MINE TOO. I’m not even from the South! I just love the sound of them. Thank you, Jewel!!

  • Baby names are so hard! I love Grant, Gray and Jack. If we ever have another boy, we like Henry and Jameson.

    • My very good friend is naming her child Henry and I know another baby Henry who is so cute! Jameson is racey and I love that too! Thank you!

  • I LOVE the name Gray or Greyson!

    • I do love those as well! Great!! Krista (below) is into them too! I love it! Thank you!

  • Krista Williams

    A girl I went to school with named her son Greyson Cash. I love the name Cash. It reminds me of the good old days with Johnny Cash, Elvis, etc. I’m a huge fan of old fashioned or classic names (ie: my son Jackson Robert and daughter Emma). So obviously I’m partial to Jack. Grant is a great one too. Jackson Grant Warren has a nice ring to it. Sounds presidential! I could go on and on (I loved the naming process) so I’ll stop there before I get too crazy!

    • OOOO I totally like the names Greyson and Cash! I’m with you on old fashioned names. LOL-presidential. Ha! Please keep it coming! Nixon is cool too! Thank you!!!! XO