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Friday Countdown

May 30, 2014


Rossmore NecklaceIMG_4713One week to go until the due date! 

1. I’ve been wearing this Rossmore Imperfect Circle Necklace every day. Laura was our winner for the Rossmore giveaway! Thank you so much for participating. Keep an eye out for presales on Rossmore’s Instagram. Suzy is always coming up with new things and she even does custom work.

I’ve also been rocking fake lashes for no occasion whatsoever other than distracting from what I feel are very chubby arms.

2. We are going to turn into watermelons. I’ve been serving it up almost daily now. Last night I made a fruit salad with fresh whipped cream. INCREDIBLE.

MOCKTAILS. I have always been just a water person (or a whiskey person) but now I drink sparkling mineral water mixed with things like….you guessed it-watermelon juice, or OJ or mango nectar. Topping it off with a straw just makes my day. We usually use re-usable straws. I have these paper ones that I bought in bulk at Marshalls a while back. 

3. People have been over-the-top with compliments in these last days of pregnancy. It is so kind and I know that people want me to feel great. It’s working. 

4. Stephanie from The Loudmouth Lifestyle wrote something very nice about me on her blog! That feels so wonderful!

5. Here’s a cute lunchbox giveaway with some awesome bloggers this week. 

Have a gorgeous weekend. XO

Showing Up

May 29, 2014

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Max Senior Fine Art Show Max Senior Fine Art Show-7 Max Senior Fine Art Show-6 Max Senior Fine Art Show-5 Max Senior Fine Art Show-4Max Senior Fine Art ShowMax Senior Fine Art Show-2Chris’ brother, Max, is a college senior in Fine Arts and we got to attend this Senior Show recently. In typical Max fashion, he had slightly mentioned it to us a while back but we’ve all been hounding him for the details to make sure we knew where to be when. 

The two large pieces are called “Buffalo Soldiars” on the left and “Buffalo Ladies” on the right. They are made up of many panels of wood.

Max is a very cool artist type of person. Brooding and introspective with the sincerest, sensitive heart. 

It was so clear that he was thrilled that we (the 9 of us) made it out to the event. 

You know those events where you just don’t want to make a big deal about yourself but when people show up it just melts your heart? It was one of those.

I know it’s not always possible to be there but when I can, it’s the most I can give.

My Biggest Fear Of Being A Mother

May 28, 2014


Memorial Day Rooftop Memorial Day RooftopThank you so much for the awesome feedback on the blog photos. I’ve been working on improving them and I really appreciate the positive reaction! How gratifying!!

OK, my biggest fear of becoming a mother (as of today) is becoming the walking dead. 

I get on rampages. The past two days I’ve been backing up all of my photos and videos on an external hard drive so that my computer will run faster and so that I have all the files organized. I’ve been taking so many photos and editing photos so I need a good organization system.

I run loads of laundry, clean, cook and grocery shop in structured “breaks” I construct so that I don’t go into a non-showering, cheese and cracker eating couch potato when I get on these streaks. 

Yesterday, I even went to work on it at a cafe so I could corner an amount of time to work on it and then walk away for a while. When I was working full-time, I would totally stay up late at night working on little projects from photo book gifts to arts and crafts. 

I hear you’re supposed to nap when the baby naps or else you’ll never get any sleep. Well, I know I will be burning to do some little project the second those baby eyes close. 

I’m most happy when I have an obsession. Surely that will be the baby but I know that I’ll need more! I’m going to need my best discipline skills so that I stay fresh! I hear you just get better at doing things with no sleep. I once fell asleep standing up in my Navy days. That’s another story. I wasn’t even breastfeeding though. Yikes!

What keeps you up late at night????

(Here’s a couple of pics of us “nest-partying” on Memorial Day. We finally got up on our rooftop! There’s a hot tub up there too but we’ve never used it!)

Malibu Cafe Birthday

May 27, 2014

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Malibu Cafe-6Malibu Cafe-7Malibu CafeMalibu Cafe-3Malibu Cafe-2Malibu Cafe-5Malibu Cafe-8So there are some people I stalk on Instagram. These people (one is Song of Style) know the COOLEST places to go in the L.A. area and I’ve had this one on my list for a bit. Chris’ birthday this week was a great occasion. Do you do this????

The Malibu Cafe is a totally random place hidden up the Malibu coast. There were 4 weddings being held this day but they are on different areas on the grounds. 

It is a totally casual place for lunch and day-drinking! OHHHH I miss day drinking!!!!! The food was good but the atmosphere was out of this world. There were dogs everywhere and this live band. You can use the paddle boats, play pool, ping pong, shuffle board or just lounge while people ask you what your due date is. 

I can’t wait to come back here with a group of friends, a baby and an adult beverage! This day I chose an Arnold Palmer-my new vice. 

I am getting to that point where it’s a bit challenging to get up and move about with any kind of urgency. Life is now in slow motion and I’m embracing it. 

P.S. I think we FINALLY came to a decision on a first name for the baby. What a relief!!! Your input really helped! Thank you!!!

Happy Memorial Day

May 26, 2014


Navy DaysI hope you are enjoying a wonderful holiday! We are! I want to recognize those we remember today who died while serving. I am so proud to have served even for my short time in The U.S. Navy. So many people are serving right now, staying awake long hours away from family and keeping us safe. It’s a complex world we live in. I pray for peace and harmony for everyone. I am also thinking of those left behind by fallen service members, particularly a mother of 4 I know who recently lost her husband. 

Have a safe holiday!! 

Happy Friday!

May 23, 2014

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Rossmore LA Studio-122nd wave Rossmore LA14k_teeth_earringsPeanut butter cup cakePeanut butter cup cake-4Peanut butter cup cake-2Max art show1. Have you checked out Rossmore LA in her studio this week and her giveaway below?

a Rafflecopter giveaway

2. Chris saw this Peanut Butter Cup Overload Cake over my shoulder on Pinterest and requested it for his birthday yesterday. I was more than happy to oblige. My frosting job was a bit hurried here! I could have let the ganache cool a bit longer before pouring it. We brought it to dinner with the family last night. It was DIVINE! It tastes even better cold, the next day.

3. We got to attend Chris’ brother, Max’s college senior art show last night too. So proud of Max!

4. Hoping we get another weekend before the baby comes to celebrate Chris’ birthday a little more with things like naps and movies. 

5. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! XO

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