Flower Crown Tutorial

May 6, 2014

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Flower crowns are WAY easier than I thought! We whipped three of these up in just about an hour and a half! 

Here are the supplies:

Silk flower bouquets. These are the most economical way to go. They are also a good scale for size.

This brown paper-covered flower wire. Buy them in packages of six and use two per crown. This is what I refer to as “the crown.”

Green flower wire

Green flower tape

Wire cutters

Wire pliers

1. Use 2 of the brown paper-covered flower wires to create one crown. Just twist both ends together and create a ring. Make it loose so you can adjust it. You want a bit a room because once the flowers are attached, they will make it tighter. 

2. Cut the flowers off the bouquets if the stems are thin. You can use these flowers as is to wrap around the crown. If the stems are thick, pull the flower head off and insert a piece of thin green flower wire as pictured. Use the pliers to hold the wire in the base and bend the rest of the wire down. Then wrap the wire tightly many times. You’ll have some excess wire that will be used to wrap the flowers around the crown.

3. Now lay out your flowers to see how you want them arranged. Wrap them so that the base of the flowers are close to the crown. 

4. Use the green flower tape to cover the wire and keep the pokey parts at bay. 

  • I love it!! I think you read my mind, I have been thinking about making a flower crown for a festival I am going to this weekend!

    • Oh nice! PERFECT for a festival. I thought I wanted to do real flowers but after seeing other tutorials with fake flowers and knowing I would be able to use these again, I went straight for the fake. It’s awesome because I could make them in advance which was a huge help too. 🙂 Enjoy your festival!!

  • So gorgeous! She looks absolutely beautiful. I love anything floral and I’ve been eyeing floral crowns at a few stores. Now I just might try to make one myself! Thanks for the great tutorial, friend. xoxo

    • Thank you, Abby! I want to bring them to every event now for photos. The ladies looked SO pretty in them. Many more photos to come! You would look darling in one!

      • Yes, I can’t wait to see more!!

  • what a cute idea! I love floral everything right now 🙂

  • Oh this is so pretty!

    • Thank you, Rebecca! I was so happy people wanted to pose with them!