The Baby Shower

May 8, 2014

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High Tea Baby Shower-3baby showerHigh Tea Baby Shower-2High Tea Baby Shower-11High Tea Baby Shower-12Baby Shower-8Baby Shower-17Baby ShowerBaby Shower-6Baby Shower-14Baby Shower-16Baby Shower-12Baby Shower-9High Tea Baby Shower-10High Tea Baby Shower-8High Tea Baby Shower-19High Tea Baby Shower-7Baby Shower Tea FavorsHigh Tea Baby Shower-17High Tea Baby Shower-9Baby Shower-10Baby Shower-18High Tea Baby Shower-18Baby Shower-11Baby Shower-2Baby Shower-3Baby Shower-4High Tea Baby Shower-14Baby Shower-5High Tea Baby Shower-13High Tea Baby Shower-20Baby Shower-19One of my dearest friends, Kelly (I recently did a post on Kelly and her work), who is a sister to me,was so incredibly gracious to throw me a baby shower. She asked me what my dream shower would be and a pink tea party came to mind. I know, a pink baby shower for a baby boy! I can be a little selfish sometimes. Kelly’s mother, Ruth (who I consider another mother) offered us her home and the talents of her private chef, Andrew, to make it incredible. 

Kelly, Ruth, Kelly’s little daughter and our friend Sheryl prep outside the day before. They found my favorite (out of season) peonies and Parisian Tulips. We show up and everything is just so beautiful! I’m in a sister-in-law sandwich. 

The food was sensational. Little banana cakes, peony cupcakes, lemon tarts, carrot cake, many chocolate options, homemade scones with clotted cream (Andrew is English), egg salad sandwiches, tuna salad on homemade croissants, crab sandwiches, flatbread, delicious cheeses, fruit and more!

There were so many tea options to drink in fine China as well as Rose (something pink to drink of course), lemonade, and iced tea. 

Kelly asked everyone to fill a scrapbook page with kind words. The favors were delicious organic teas with custom touches. 

We each read a quote and were asked to say how it related to us. 

Then Kelly brought out a framed letter that she had asked Chris to write to me. I started crying at “Dear My Beautiful Wife,” so Linda read it for me. We were all teary. 

Ruth’s rose garden has HUNDREDS of different roses and we lingered, taking a million photos. I love how the flower crowns looked on everyone! 

It was wonderful to have both family and friends together to celebrate. It meant so much to me. My sister even flew in from Seattle (via New York where she was officiating a wedding days before). It was really cool to have some of my friends’ moms (who I ADORE) there too. I love my community. All these women are my sisters!  I’m surrounded by the most beautiful women.

This was the nicest shower I have ever been to! Kelly outdid herself!!!

(Photos by Kelly, Ruth, Tracey and me)

34 thoughts on “The Baby Shower

    1. Christina Warren

      Thank you so much, Bethany! I was overwhelmed with how much work they put into this. They are incredible hostesses and everyone was SO kind to come from all over to attend! It reminded me that I have a community here in SoCal that I was missing so much this past year that were were living in Seattle!

  1. Thien Do

    WOW!!!!!!! It looks soooo gorgeous! You look amazing in that color. These are some amazing women and I’m glad they a part of your life. I hope you felt special and that you enjoyed the day!

    1. Christina Warren

      JESSICA! I just got home and I opened the MOST wonderful package. Are you kidding me?! More later 😉 THANK YOU!!!! XOXOXOXOX. I’m going to have to share it!! Holy MOLY!!! Yes, I’ve had my fill of pink and I’m ready for the boy stuff now!!! LOVE your gifts!!!!!

  2. Abby

    Your shower was breathtakingly beautiful, my friend! I am so happy to see you are SO WELL LOVED! Thank you for sharing these gorgeous photos with us. All the pink and sweet girly touches are making my heart go pitter pat. 🙂

  3. Rebekah

    This all looks beautiful and amazing! And who says you have to reflect the baby at the baby shower and not what the mom wants? I think the idea of having a tea is fantastic. Congrats!

  4. Sam

    Woohoo go Kelly for throwing the most beautiful baby shower party!! I love all the pink and floral decorations so much! And it’s totally okay to have the pink tea party theme instead of the traditional blue baby boy party because once the little cutie is born the attention will be all on him so enjoy the spotlight now!

  5. Pamela Bannon

    Christina! Your shower looks exquisite! It is like something out of a magazine! The styling is just gorgeous! I am so happy that you had such a wonderful time! Kudos to your friends and family on such an amazing job!

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