Happy Friday!

May 23, 2014

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Rossmore LA Studio-122nd wave Rossmore LA14k_teeth_earringsPeanut butter cup cakePeanut butter cup cake-4Peanut butter cup cake-2Max art show1. Have you checked out Rossmore LA in her studio this week and her giveaway below?

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2. Chris saw this Peanut Butter Cup Overload Cake over my shoulder on Pinterest and requested it for his birthday yesterday. I was more than happy to oblige. My frosting job was a bit hurried here! I could have let the ganache cool a bit longer before pouring it. We brought it to dinner with the family last night. It was DIVINE! It tastes even better cold, the next day.

3. We got to attend Chris’ brother, Max’s college senior art show last night too. So proud of Max!

4. Hoping we get another weekend before the baby comes to celebrate Chris’ birthday a little more with things like naps and movies. 

5. Wishing you a wonderful weekend!! XO

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  • That cake looks ridiculously delicious! The men in my life would go crazy for it, I just know it! I might need to keep it in mind for future birthdays/holidays. 🙂 The art show pic looks like so much creative fun in one room!

    • This cake could end wars and make babies. You’ve got to shower the ones you love with it! lol Thank you!!

  • OMG, one week to your due date? Wow! Exciting? Nerve-wrecking? All of the above? 🙂 I know it was for me! Have a lovely weekend sweetie, an thank you for sharing this amazing giveaway and the fabulous designer behind it! Her whole style is completely up my alley! LOVE.

    • Elisa! I’m about 2 weeks from the due date now! Yes, a bit never-wrecking. Still deciding the name! AH! Thank you so much! Thank you also for checking out Rossmore! I’m glad you love it! She is so inspirational and her pieces just sing, right?

  • Um, that PB cup cake is seriously making my mouth water. Delish. Also, must echo the comment below–I love your pictures. Coming to your blog is always a treat to the eyes!

    • Bethany, it’s taken me to the outer limits of pregnancy weight gain! HA! LOL You are SO kind!!! You and Linda knew exactly the kind of feedback I was hoping for! Thank you! Luckily this post is calorie free! LOL

  • You and your photography aRe gorgeous!

  • Omigosh that cake looks like such a decadent indulgence! You did a wonderful job with it Christina! Have a happy and safe Memorial Day weekend!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Thank you, Rowena! I wish I could share this with everyone! It is a little labor intensive (only bc I own one 8 inch pan for this 3 layer cake) but it is so worth it! I love baking for people!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  • OMG! You should be put in jail for posting that cake! It’s Summer girl! Dont tease the dieters! I only want to see pictures of rice cakes and kale until Labor Day! Hahahahah! I hope you have a fabulous Memorial Day Weekend! Maybe you will a MDW baby! That would be amazing!

    • You are hilarious, Pam! I might have to lock myself up bc it is calling my name from the fridge! Enjoy your weekend, Pam!!!

  • Oh my goodness, that cake!!!! Peanut butter and chocolate anything is my kryptonite!
    Have a great, relaxing weekend!

    • Oh you need this as a post half marathon “carrot!” Run strong, lady!! Xo