Malibu Cafe Birthday

May 27, 2014

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Malibu Cafe-6Malibu Cafe-7Malibu CafeMalibu Cafe-3Malibu Cafe-2Malibu Cafe-5Malibu Cafe-8So there are some people I stalk on Instagram. These people (one is Song of Style) know the COOLEST places to go in the L.A. area and I’ve had this one on my list for a bit. Chris’ birthday this week was a great occasion. Do you do this????

The Malibu Cafe is a totally random place hidden up the Malibu coast. There were 4 weddings being held this day but they are on different areas on the grounds. 

It is a totally casual place for lunch and day-drinking! OHHHH I miss day drinking!!!!! The food was good but the atmosphere was out of this world. There were dogs everywhere and this live band. You can use the paddle boats, play pool, ping pong, shuffle board or just lounge while people ask you what your due date is. 

I can’t wait to come back here with a group of friends, a baby and an adult beverage! This day I chose an Arnold Palmer-my new vice. 

I am getting to that point where it’s a bit challenging to get up and move about with any kind of urgency. Life is now in slow motion and I’m embracing it. 

P.S. I think we FINALLY came to a decision on a first name for the baby. What a relief!!! Your input really helped! Thank you!!!

  • You look fabulous! Can’t wait to hear the baby name! xoxo

    • Thank you, Chelsea! I need that! Yes, the NAME….i want him to be a good book character. Hopefully this works. 🙂

  • Wow, what a unique place! It looks so cool! Your hair looks fabulous in that picture, by the way. I definitely keep a running list of places I would like to try and save them for special occasions like birthdays. It’s always nice when they turn out to be amazing (not as nice when they bomb. haha.). I am so excited to hear you guys chose a name! The countdown has truly begun now! 🙂

    • Really!? Thank you! My secret these days is that I’ve been wearing my fake lashes sometimes-like in this photo! Oh we recently went to a shrimp place that was supposed to be great but it was a total bomb! lol We literally said we needed showers to wash off the weird feeling LOL. Thank you! Yes, COUNTDOWN!!! XO

      • Ahh, I wish I could pull off fake lashes. I always FAIL at putting them on! haha I can see the difference on you, though, and it totally lights up your eyes. 🙂

        • I would put them on for you! lOL Now that I’ve done them so many times, I do it in like 5 seconds. It’s all in the glue (DUO from MAC or Target-cheaper). Let it dry for 30 secs and pop them on while looking down into a mirror!!!! OMG did I just give beauty advice? LOL

  • How fun!!! Great photos too!

  • Wow, this place looks like the cutest place to have a nice lunch! I love the upside down umbrellas! Hope Chris had a wonderful birthday!! Hmmm…I’ll definitely check out Song of Style’s IG now!! LOL!

    • Chris LOVED it and that was so special to me! He’s so mellow and when something is interesting to him and I had something to do with it, I’m sooo thrilled! LOL-you have to stalk Song of Style! She is so great! Thank you!

  • this place looks so pretty and charming – love the photos, as always. and excited to hear what name you’ve chosen!

    • Thank you so much, Jackie! The only way I’ve been getting a “deal” lately is by not buying anything new! In this last month there are like 3 things that look “appropriate” and I’m ok with it…BUT I’m looking forward to joining you in your bargain adventures once again!!!

  • withluckblog

    This looks like an awesome place and your photos came out gorgeous! and you look wonderful, as per usual. Congrats on the baby name! That must feel so great!

    • You are SO kind!! Thank you, that means a lot! Yes, we’re feeling relieved! Now the baby can come! lop-as if we have a choice!

  • This place looks like it has tons’ of Cali cool charm! I actually keep a list of restaurants I want to try in my Evernote. It seems to be ever growing since new restaurants are always opening in NYC. We’re actually hitting up a spot on the list tonight and I’m so excited. Yay for making a decision on your baby’s name. Looking forward to your big reveal 🙂

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • You’ve got it, Rowena-Cali charm. That is why I love it here! Yes, NYC is just SO packed with amazing places. I bet it can be overwhelming almost! So many excellent choices. I bet we’ll go back and forth just a few more times before the final naming! What a big responsibility! Thank you!!

  • Your pictures just make me want to jump into your life!! So I think I need to follow you on Instagram. Looks like such a fun outing! And yay for decided baby names!!

    • Oh, Bethany! Thank you! I’ve been trying to convey the way I feel when I go to these places! Finally some editing tricks are paying off! Thank you!!

  • Krista Williams

    That cafe sounds fantastic. I need to find places like that here in Florida. I’ve lived here all my life and still rely on the big name restaurants! And I can’t wait to find out what wonderful name you picked out for that little bundle of perfection that is soon to be arriving! (I’m still secretly holding out for Krista-fer…) 😉

    • Oh you and the fam would LOVE! I seriously lucked out by following some awesome local bloggers! You had me dying with Krista-fer! HA! You just took this to another level! Love it!