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Honoring My Energy

May 22, 2014


CarpetEnergy is something I have TOTALLY taken for granted because I’ve always had ridiculous amounts of it. Pregnancy has been the first time that I’ve had less energy and it’s taught me to slow down.

Some changes…

1. Doing one thing at a time. AKA things like minimizing the number of windows I have open on my computer at one time. I’m trying to choose TV OR computer but not both at the same time. 

2. Making less commitments and make only one or two per day then have at least a day where there are zero. Saying “no” sometimes and having better boundaries.

3. Being present with my husband and dog. I’m taking moments to connect whereas it’s easy for me to be in the same room for hours but my mind may be very far away. 

My mother told me that someday when I was pregnant, it would be important to only eat beautiful things that presented in lovely ways, to practice art, take time for beauty and be peaceful. How about all the time?

How do you consciously honor your energy and make time for serenity?

Watermelon Cooler

May 21, 2014

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Watermelon Cooler-2This is the easiest, most refreshing beverage you can make. All I did was blend some organic watermelon, fill a glass halfway and add some sparkling mineral water.

It tastes so sweet and almost creamy! Add some mint for more cooling. 

Watermelon is very hydrating and perfect for warm weather. 

What kinds of coolers do you drink?

Rossmore LA Jewelry Giveaway

May 20, 2014


Rossmore LA-2Rossmore LA Studio-9Rossmore LA Studio-8Rossmore Studio BWRossmore Studio TableRossmore LA Studio-13Rossmore LA Studio-14
Rossmore BraceletRossmore LA Studio-7Rossmore Studio BannerRossmore LA Studio-15Rossmore LA Studio NecklaceRossmore LA Studio-22Suzy LeQ isn’t your ordinary LA artist. She’s a muse and a hippie but Suzy is a smart hustler who has made her business completely on her own. 

After college at UCLA, she found herself working at Madison Los Angeles where she learned how to make jewelry. She started to make things for herself and people kept asking where they could buy it. When they found out she made it, they wanted to buy it off her and she said, “NO!” Back then, her pieces were just for her. 

Her passion for design got her interested in designing tshirts but it proved not to be the right fit and she returned to jewelry design. She scraped and saved the money to develop a set of 20 jewelry molds. Suzy worked tough day-jobs so she could create the jewelry line at night. 

She had only enough money to create one sample of each design. She hustled and they were picked up by a large buyer and then dropped as the economy came crashing that holiday season. 

After many more efforts, she was out of money and hope for her jewelry line (she cries when she gets to this part of the story). Suzy and her friend decide to have a fire sale for everything they own, inviting everyone they know. The money from the garage sale is going to get her to Japan where she’d decided to teach English.

Well, the entire line of samples is sold but she keeps the molds. Within days, she gets calls from people asking where their friends can get their hands on the jewelry. 

Suzy makes more of the jewelry and takes a miniature table to the Silverlake flea market, selling her pieces for around $100 a piece and she sells out. 

Now you can find her jewelry on Jessica Alba. Her online site Rossmore LA

In the last photo she explains how she makes the necklace I chose. “My work is like the broken nose of jewelry.” She finds beauty in imperfections, she says. This circle is hand cut with a saw. It’s just perfectly imperfect. I haven’t taken it off since I got it. 

The jewelry is all reclaimed silver. It’s reiki charged by Suzy (another one of her talents) and recorded mantra runs while she works with the materials. 

Suzy is giving away a pair of her SIGNATURE Rossmore gold plated teeth earrings.14k_teeth_earrings

Rossmore LA Earrings

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Instagram and her mailing list are a great way to see what new things she’s making and sometimes she has SALES!!! Ah-mazing!

Montana, Sunburns & Why I Don’t Need Matches

May 19, 2014

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Montana and Grandpa'sMontana and Grandpa's-2 Charlie Pool-4 Montana and Grandpa's-5Saturday school is NEVER going to feel right! During high school in Maryland, my little sister and I would go to Korean language/culture classes all Saturday morning. PS I was very behind for my age so as a 16 year old, I was in class with my sister’s grade (6 years my junior).  

Chris and I had a childcare class for 4 hours on Saturday. Our teacher is like a funny grandma. It helps.

Afterwards we were in NEED of getting that WEEKEND feeling so we headed over to a cafe on Montana. Montana Ave. is the locals’ spot of Santa Monica for food and shopping whereas Third Street Promanade is more touristy (but still awesome).

Then we totally ordered a Pinkberry bomb of a sundae and I wanted a photo of how big I felt/looked afterwards! 

In an email to a friend last night I told her that if I were in a survival situation at this point, I wouldn’t need a match for a fire because of the friction between my thighs now. TMI?

On Sunday we needed more weekend vibes so we headed over to Chris’ family’s house for pool time. I’m wearing a grandma hat, tshirt covering a bikini and doing the splits (preventing forrest fires). It felt SO good and of course we got awesome sunburns so we feel like it’s really summer now.

Charlie really looked interested in the pool so Chris gave him a little half-dip.

I’ve never seen Charlie PASS OUT in the car before but this was him on the ride home. 

I’m looking for that body glide that I used when training for the half marathon a million lifetimes ago. 

Friday Loves

May 16, 2014

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Friday baby gear
Friday baby gear-2Friday baby gear-3Happy happy Friday! 

1. The baby blanket is getting bigger! Here it is half way done! The yarn shop called to let me know the yarn was back in stock and they were holding it for me. It’s not fancy, they had just run out last time I was there and I am almost done with my first skein (roll). Love that the yarn shop calls me. VIP! LOL

2. I really wanted this little Fisher Price Rock and Play Lamb Sleeper when I saw it on The Small Things Blog “baby gear” list many months ago and I received it as a gift from a very dear friend! I am so in love with it. It’s set up next to our bed now.

3. I buy most of our groceries at Trader Joe’s but every once in a while I’ll get organic cereal and a few other items at Whole Foods. Well, yesterday I couldn’t resist picking up this little muslin bib. 

4. I did all the baby laundry this week and it was pretty hilarious seeing how small things turned out. Can you BELIEVE I got this manicure a week ago? It’s not a shellac, it’s just the normal kind. I think she used some fancy topcoat. It had been months since I’d been to get them done. So glad I did!

Um…do you see my extremely swollen hands? Kind of like Minnie Mouse gloves. yay.

5. It has been so dry and we broke out the “baby’s” humidifier. There have been a lot of fires in the San Diego/SoCal area and many people have been displaced. Please keep them in your prayers. 

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am so happy you came by. Thank you!

BTW Rossmore LA is having a sample sale to clear room for a new line as well as raise $ for a new torch! You can follow her on Instagram to see what’s still available! PS I just got a necklace and I haven’t taken it off. 

Linking up with Lauren!

Personalized Thank You Cards

May 15, 2014

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Treat Personalized Photo CardsTreat Personalized Photo Cards-11Treat Personalized Photo Cards-3Treat Personalized Photo Cards-5 Treat Personalized Photo Cards-4Treat Personalized Photo Cards-8Treat Personalized Photo Cards-7

Aside from thank you gifts, I was looking for really personal thank you messages for the hostesses of my baby shower, Ruth and Kelly, Ruth’s personal chef, Andrew and my sister Tracey. You know how I feel about thank you cards.

Here are some cards I made recently through Treat. It’s a Shutterfly company specializing in personalized cards you can create online and have sent to you or directly to your recipients. Treat had invited me to try out some of their cards and this was great timing.

I have made photo cards before but I wanted something more personal, less pre-made looking or themed and easy. There are some options that allow you to basically make the card exactly how you want it. I chose a plain photo card, uploaded photos, dragged and dropped the photos into the layouts I chose and filled in some text boxes.

The site loads very quickly, it is super intuitive, gets straight to the point and I was able to create like a mini-scrapbook of photos for my recipients. Even the little photo on the back is customizable. I put in a rose from Ruth’s garden. You can save your projects and come back to them. 

I would love to get a card like this.

What kinds of personalized gifts or cards have you received that were very special to you?