Pirates & Madonna/Weekly Monday Posts For Now

June 23, 2014



Mind/Pirate Eye

There are things that make you the devil when you’re a mom, like giving your kid formula or pacifiers or having them sleep in your bed. I’ve done all these things. In most jobs I’ve had, I’ve followed the straight and narrow book of goodie-ness but these past three weeks have been like Naked and Afraid (the TV show where a man and a woman are stranded naked together and have to survive for 3 weeks in a remote locale). 

He’s slept in our bed. I’ve slept on the couch downstairs with him in the rocker by my side. He’s slept in a pack and play. I’ve slept with him breastfeeding on my lap…on my side in bed. Yes, sounds like a lot of sleeping…not really. Everything I read scares me so I don’t read much, I just sleep like a pirate with one eye open unless Chris is awake and has him.

Body/Madonna Abs

It’s been 3 weeks since having the baby. At week 2 I lost at least 20 pounds (I gained a bit over 40 in total but stopped weighing at the end). I’ve hovered here. 

I totally threw out my back right away and it’s coming back now-WEAR THAT BACK BRACE THEY GIVE YOU AT THE HOSPITAL. Appartently it’s not the Hollywood-get-your-Madonna-abs-back-tummy-shaper I assumed it to be.

My stomach is pretty flat, it just feels like there is a thick layer of Jell-O resting on top of 8-year-old girl abs BUT the abs ARE there now.

There is a light brown line (my linea alba isn’t alba) going down the center of my stomach from my ribs to my belly button and the belly button is unusually large/cartoony looking. 

I’ll take it.

Soul/Psych Ward

What made me insanely jealous and mad this week? My husband going out to lunch with people from work. Yes, this is a crazy cooped up new-mom lady these days. Chris has offered many times to watch the baby while I go out to do something fun but I’m scared to drive the “milk truck” away from home.

I have a little milk pumped in some bottles in the fridge but those are like my “if I go unconscious or there is a global emergency type of bottles.” They ARE starting to look like “mani and pedi freedom bottles/save your marriage bottles,” however. 

Hey, you look at the cute baby and don’t care about all this stuff.

I will see you in a week!

  • aw he is the cutest and sounds like you are surviving and your body is bouncing back. i’m sure it’s hard to leave him, but def give yourself some free time to take care of yourself and stay sane. a mani/pedi sounds perfect!

    • Thanks, Jackie! I want to know how other people “bounce” back into real life. I just like hearing how everything that’s been happening is “normal!” Things get easier every day!

  • I love the pictures (I don’t think he could be ANY cuter!) and I love your sarcastic commentary on life as you know it right now. Your posts seriously crack me up- they are the BEST. I do hope you get a little “me” time when you feel you’re ready for it. 🙂 I’m looking forward to next Monday now!

    • You are so sweet, Abby. I always wonder who he looks like but he just looks like a blend to me. 🙂 Actually, no, he looks just like my paternal grandfather! HA! Love that. “Me” time is shower time! LOL. No, I’m working up to it. Now we are opening up the house to more visitors and that is helping too!!! XO I need encouragement like your’s though! Thanks!

  • Hang in there sweet mama! And you should get out even if you stay close. Even a little break will probably do wonders for you and you so deserve it.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Thank you, Rowena! Yes, I’m getting out now!! At the least I go on a walk. We have a bunch of walkable eating places that we’ve ventured to as well. We even went to a hardware store the other day for a toilet part! Yay! It was fast but great!

  • Jessica

    Oh my what an adorable baby. And the tiny elephants blanket is so cute.

    Wow, you are doing an amazing job losing that baby weight!

    • Thank you, Jessica! You know in this tired fog, I don’t really care much about what’s cute anymore! Ha! As I get more rest, I get a little more interested in picking out the cuter stuff he has as opposed to just grabbing the plain stuff! The weight will be interesting as the time goes by..we’ll see what happens! I’m totally relaxed about it.

  • These pictures are just warming my heart so much!

    • Thank you, Chelsea! I enjoy the goofy faces or hand gestures. Chris is better about making me get out the camera! Now HE’s the one wanting photos. He used to HATE when I brought out the camera!!

  • First of all.


    Second of all.

    Girl go take a break when Chris offers. You need one and deserve! Go get a wonderful pedi and relax 🙂

    • You know, the first 10 were baby related weight and I’m SURE the other 10 was water weight. My legs and hands had been SO swollen!!! I can now see the bones in my hands and feet. My wedding ring ALMOST fits again…hopefully soon!!! Thank you!