Where’s My Hair?

July 7, 2014





This poor kid is wondering where his hair went. Ha! I’ve seen and heard about this hair loss that babies go through but our baby has his in male pattern baldness fashion. My mom told me that big foreheads in Korea mean good fortune. Remember the thick leg “luck” she shared with me? Any flaw can be whipped into a golden fortune. Well, except for thin earlobes. No hope for those people.

Blogging? Well, I live in a chair down by the river. No really, I live in a brown leather chair with ottoman in our living room, breastfeeding the baby for 30 hours a day with only one hand free at a time. Hey, do you see that chub? Yes, I’ll take credit for that. Hey, he was super skinny a few weeks ago and that mini double chin is a testament to me, the Dairy Queen.

Romance? I saw that it was National Kissing Day on Instagram yesterday (which I check about 14 times a day and I’m the one who likes your photo 3 minutes after you post it) so I wanted to participate and have a moment.

Why am I so happy? Each day I put zero to one expectations on myself (just feed the baby and maybe write a thank you card) . Plus wonderful friends and family visit with smiles and food! I need to take more photos of everyone. Thank you! This makes us feel less like bridge trolls! We take daily walks and every couple of days we even eat at a cafe down the street. 

Do you ever have days where you take all the pressure off yourself and throw to-do lists aside? I’m trying it for 3 months.

Happy Monday!! See you in a week!

  • he’s so cute! glad things are going well! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenn! I’m somehow just allowing this slow pace and that makes it doable! Life is grand, just snailish!

  • I’ve missed you and your little family! Great to catch up this afternoon. 😉

    • Thank you, Olivia! One post a week has been fun. A friend with 2 kids came over today and showed me that I have it easy! What a paradigm shift!!!

  • I love hearing that you’re so happy!! Your little mister is just the cutest and those thigh rolls- adorbs!! 🙂 Have a great week girl!!

    • Thank you, Abby! When is he going to start talking and complimenting me on my outfits? Lol for now he’s my comix relief with goofy faces. I appreciate it. Ha!

  • Oh his hair will come. My mom said it took awhile before my hair grew in as a baby and she was so worried that she even started rubbing brandy on my head to stimulate growth. Don’t ask, I think it’s some weird Chinese thing. I have pretty thick hair now btw 🙂 Anyhow Grant’s a cutie either way. Chub somehow works on him ;p

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Oh yes!!! Brandy!!! Love this! Ok my mom told me to shave his head so it will be thicker and look good as it all comes in together. I’m afraid when I just clip his nails so no razor is getting near that noggin. By the time I have my 10th baby, I’ll be marinating and shaving for sure!! Lol thank you!

  • He is just so so cute…hair or no hair 🙂

    • Bahahaha. He’s already making me laugh- the best I could hope for in my baby! Lol. Thank you’!

  • I plan on doing this when my baby comes in November. I really think it helps focusing just on the little one and on your family. Enjoy the time!

    • Oh yes, everyone is so different! It’s easy for me to get caught up in,”she was back to work like 2 days after having her seventh kid,” kind of stuff. I’m just like proud if I showered and got a walk in. 🙂

  • Sounds wonderful. I can’t wait to be in that place.

    PS: I’m a little offended that you don’t like my photos 3 minutes after I post them. 😉

    • I better get on that! Lol it’s so great to have that connection to the world. I’m looking forward to seeing your journey!

  • Jen Kleiner

    Hey Dairy Queen! I laughed out loud at this post! Love your little baldy (and you).

    • Oh an LOL from you is precious. Thank you! Also thank you for being Mother Theresa and tending to our every need. PS Two bit cupcakes….some sort of joke!? Lol

  • hair or no hair, he is adorbs.

    • Bahaha. Thank you. A friend said her daughter had the same hairline and it’s a lot easier when this happens to a boy. Lol. I love it. Still laughing.

  • The look on his face! Love it!

    • 🙂 my friend says I always make fun of him and then I felt bad but really, if I’m not laughjng, I’m bored. I hope this guy grows up to tease me back! Lol

  • Ahhh so presh!!!! Love these weekly updates girl!! Little man is getting so big! Just adorable!

    • Thanks!! He finally does look likes he’s getting big. I’ve always seen little chubby babies and wondered what was going on!? Some take a bit to chunk up! We are on our way!