Heaven Surprises

July 14, 2014

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P7130045 P7130044IMG_5274

P7130037 P7130028 P7060001What’s scary? Getting to heaven and finding out that aluminum antiperspirant is totally harmless to the body. That’s one of my greatest fears. All those years where I struggled though natural, virtually ineffective deodorants. The countless awkward hugs I had to give people where I kept my elbows pinned to my sides-the kind that make the other person self conscious of their breath. I look like a robot.

I have been using natural deodorants (not antiperspirant) for years since I started grad school for acupuncture where I was surrounded by healthy, smart hippies. In the past few years I’ve gone from dappling quitter to full-blown achiever. 

I don’t smell like patchouli or anything (no offense patchouli wearers). What’s patchouli? It’s what you smell when a blonde guy with bead adorned dreads and no t-shirt skateboards by you in Venice Beach, LA. It’s followed by a wisp of pot smoke. He’s wearing patchouli. Hey, I’m friends these people but I have my own repertoire of alluring scents that I’m attracted to. 

This is my current combo: deodorant, powder. It does the trick for about 4-6 hours in mild temperatures.

Here are some images of the week. I wore real deodorant TWICE, Jen took me to Rite Aid and we had more awesome visitors. I forget to take photos of everyone though (Kate).

Going to Rite Aid felt like NORDSTROM after 6 weeks of shopping for diaper powder online. I got makeup remover pads (for the 1 day a week I wear makeup), floss (2 for $10-WHAT!?), birthday cards, gift certificates (for gifts), the blue polish (Instagram), and 2 scoops of bad/good ice cream.

After coming home from little stints at sea when I was in the Navy I would often get takeout sushi to eat alone on the floor of the apartment where I lived alone. There’s no sitting on the floor nor much alone time on a ship. It was my piece of heaven, including antiperspirant.

Have you ever been away from some creature comforts for a bit? What was the first thing you wanted? 

  • I just love how honest you are on here! I hope your week is filled with more tiny treasures! Xoxo

  • Jessica

    I have read about deodorant being bad for you before and I do think I should likely try to find a better option that my current brand. I have also been kind of worried about my makeup in the last month or so and I will admit to wearing it a little less often that usual because I do not like that those chemicals are getting absorbed by my body. I need to take the time to find more natural brands to use.

    • Jessica! Check out: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/ for details on some products. Look, sometimes I get crazy about my lotions and other times I want to look my best and don’t care WHAT is in that MAC Fix + spray. 🙂 Let me know if you find something natural that you love!

  • hope you’re enjoying your little pleasures like rite aid trips 🙂 and yeah i’ve heard that deoderant can be bad for you, but i also worry about being stinky!

    • Look, if you are out there in the world and want to be perceived as a clean/nice person and not homeless, you’ve just got to wear the real stuff. I am homeless smelling as a stay at home mom. When I leave the cave, I really need to put on the real deal or I may have my child taken away from me for abuse. lol

  • The baby cuteness gets me every time… and then your hilarious stories make me so excited to be reading your blog every week! The last pic of his “crazy eyes” is just hilarious! Frame that beauty. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you’re finding comfort in the little things, even if it IS just Rite Aid for now. 😉 Have a wonderful week! xoxo

    • Thank you, Abby! LOL crazy eyes! Totally. Rite Aid has come a long way! They even had a selection of gluten free foods! Wow! I bet the baby will love that I posted terrible pics of him someday! He’ll have to learn to appreciate this humor if he didn’t inherit it!

  • Ummmm I have no idea if mine has aluminum. Probably? It’s Dove. Now I’m worried! Sidenote: Adorable pics!!

    • A lot of antiperspirants have aluminum. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. There is a lot of literature on it being bad and I err on that side often. BUT I totally still wear it! LOL I just use it more sparingly and do the hippie stuff most of the time.

  • Teresa Welge Harris

    So funny! I wore no-aluminum deodorant for years before I had Clark! Ever since then, I smell so badly that I have had to go back to using anti-perspirant. In those early days, just after having him, I sweat so much. Stink machine!

    • OMG SO much sweatier now with baby wearing and toting the stroller etc. I have caved again today b/c we went to GAP and I didn’t want to ruin clothing that I tried on!

  • LOL deodorant *SIGH* it’s the little things ha! Mine was hot water, a nice hot long shower. It’s like favorite past time to shower…not so much for the cleanliness (however that’s important) but for the relaxation I get from it.

    • Good one. I had a roommate who took nightly baths with a glass (bottle) of wine. It was her ritual and I was always kind of envious but NOW showering is sort of a ritual where I get some alone time!