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July 28, 2014

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untitled-7270252 untitled-7270272 untitled-7270276 untitled-7270282I forced myself to attend a breastfeeding support group at a place called The Pump Station and Nurtury this week. DO THIS! YOU WILL BE SO HAPPY YOU WENT (if you are breast feeding).

I crash the class late. Grant was hysterical from the car ride and I wanted to calm him before entering the room. I’m asked to introduce myself by the lactation consultant and to share one good thing that happened this week. 

“I got to go to the mall and shop for clothes for my husband! My baby didn’t even cry the whole 2 hours there! I had so much fun.” 

It’s received by some blank smiles.

Oh LORD…they proabaly said things like, “I set my alarm for 2:30 a.m. and pumped 8000 oz. of breast milk last night.” Or, “I finally let myself take the first shower in 2 months but it was only 2 minutes so that I didn’t take away from baby time, plus we are in a drought.”

Scanning the room, I see I’m not the only one whose kid scratched his own face to bleeding on the way here.

I’ve never seen so many different kinds of bras and “clothed” feeding techniques. One lady had a bra with the nipple area sort of cut out. It was like a eye looking for her son. Homemade? Maybe. Brilliant? Yes. Does it sound like I’m a starer? Yes and I proudly caught some stares in my direction too. One lady wanted to know where I bought my “super cute shirt perfect for breast feeding.” “Oh, this old thing? It’s from Marshalls’ juniors section from a million years ago (but it looks like Anthro).” 

I was a “low producer” so hearing the “showoffs” with the huge breasts saying how there was so much milk that it’s falling out all over the place or choking their children to death is like hearing some kind of urban legend. I halfway don’t believe it and I sort of want to see it.

The baby to my left was surely wearing a black wig. The kind that sports fans wear at games. That super thick, you don’t have a prayer for seeing scalp type of look. The baby to my right had a puff of blonde hair that stood up like a hand at the back of his head, as if mocking Grant and I. I compulsively flail hair compliment grenades in every direction with encouraging responses that my kid’s will come.

I was relieved to see my baby wasn’t the only one who wasn’t speaking yet.

I dodged the ladies with “friendly friendship eyes” because I am moving very soon yet again and don’t want to set anyone up for a disappointment (specifically me). Of course I would never want to leave Santa Monica once I was friends with these awesome, cute, funny, fashionable, sweet moms.



  • This post had me laughing all the way through!! My mom is a lactation consultant so none of this is new to me. haha! 😉 I love the hair pics- those will be great for his graduation slideshow!!

    • AHHHHH!!! ABBYYYYYYY!!!! I LOVE this!!!!! Lactation Consultants are AH-mazing-as you know. LOL you must have HILARIOUS stories. So lucky! Oh gosh you just gave me more ideas-I never thought of that-storing up these photos as ammo for later. 🙂 I LOVE being teased…hopefully he does too! Thank you!

  • Nicole B.

    I always encourage my friends who have new babies to try attending a bf-ing support group. It’s so nice to be around people who are going through the same things (insomnia! sore boobs! hoping your kid is getting enough nutrients!). I was so shy to nurse out in public but those ladies were top notch at concealing & feeding.

    • Nicole! Yes! I am so excited for the next meeting. It makes me feel normal and takes away SO many worries! I learn so much too! I’m excited to form a great community at our next place in a month too!

  • The cutest little guy!!!

    • Thank you, Olivia! Finally, another person to photograph!! 🙂

  • Jessica

    What a stunning ring and an adorable little baby.

    • Thank you, Jessica! I couldn’t wear my ring for a few months from swollen fingers so it was like having a new price if jewelery. Yay! Thank you for the kind baby sentiment!

  • Hahah! These pictures are so so priceless!

    • Thank you, Chelsea! I am always looking for some more material that makes me laugh.

  • You are always so funny. I still want to meet up while you’re in the area! Plus I’ve only held one baby in the past 10 years and he cried and I gave him back right away, so I need practice.

    • HA! Thank you!! You have something in common with my husband with the “handing the baby back” thing!! LOL Our days here are dwindling! Please send me a message or email and maybe our schedules will collide for a park walk or something!

  • I laughed so hard – oh my.

  • OMG! You need to start posting more! I’ve missed you so much and I want to see more pictures of your adorable little guy on a regular basis! Please! I miss you! xo

    • Pamela you are so awesome. Thank you! I’m starting to get back into my shutterbug ways. I’m hoping to add more soon! I’ve gone total personal blog lately and I’m considering kind of staying in that direction. XOXO

  • your ring is gorgeous! Grant is so stinkin’ adorable!!

    • Thank you! We have a great jeweler that we love to share! I hope Grant has a good sense of humor. 🙂

  • (1) Holy crap your ring is HUGE
    (2) Dat babay – OMGGGG he’s so presh!!
    (3) I am glad you met some other mom’s that are going through the motions too. It has to be nice meeting other women that are in the same boat – building that camaraderie.

    • 1) My bff shared with me her INCREDIBLE family jeweler in New York and we got an absurd deal on this ring. Thank you!
      2) Watching baby hair grow is slower than grass.
      3) It was SUCH a relief to see others with the same struggles and triumphs!!! Thank you!