A Fire. On My Face.

August 18, 2014


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These are our weekend photos and we wore the same outfits for 2 days in a row! Soon we’ll be dousing ourselves in perfume oil sans bathing. Marvelous! More lipstick! 

What’s the sound of one hand clapping? The same sound as cutting food one-handed with a knife these days. Baby is on the lap now at every meal time. Everyone got their food at the restaurant and started eating as I stared longingly at my bacon, fig, goat cheese burger. Then in a fit of starvation, I futilely shanked the burger with one hand until Chris offered to cut it for me so I could eat it. 


It was half-caff vanilla iced mini cup but MAN-O-MAN!!! It’s been a year of no caffeine! I had half of this small cup and my eyelashes were on fire all day! I read 5 children’s books to Grant in 7 minutes. The day ended in a mild headache. It was glorious. 

Have a wonderful start to your week! 

  • Cheers to the reintroduction of coffee–it’s a beautiful thing!!

    • I’m seriously a different person now. I’m actually a super hero. 😉

  • I’m naughty and started drinking caffeine again halfway through pregnancy. I’ve limited myself to 200-300mg/day though as that’s what I’ve read is safe. When I first got pregnant though I didn’t even want coffee because it made my heartburn worse!

    • Oh caffeine is fine. 🙂 I just get on a kick and I’m a slave to my own discipline! Now it’s a gift!!!

  • How adorable is he! (VERY)

    • Really!? Thanks, Becca! He’s more fun to photograph now that his expression repertoire has grown!

  • Sam

    I swear baby boy is getting cuter and cuter every day!! I can’t even imagine going a single day without coffee let alone a whole year!

    • Thanks, Sam! He is surely changing quickly! I wonder how many cafe owners don’t drink coffee?? I did work at Starbucks in high school. I hardly drank the stuff. What was wrong with me!? Lol

  • Hey you’re not wearing black 🙂 A year with no caffeine actually doesn’t sound that bad to me but then I’m one of those who can’t have caffeine in the afternoon or I won’t be able to sleep. Happy Monday Christina!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Rowena you are hilarious. Yes, the mourning outfit has faded out of the rotation!! Yay!!! My husband can’t do caffeine in the afternoon either. Every once on a while there will be a night where I wake to a light on and he’s not able to sleep!

  • oh my gosh, a year without caffeine sounds incredibly scary

    • It was natural at first- I didn’t know I was pregnant and just stopped wanting it. Then at then end when I was super tired I was crying for it! Lol now all bets are off!