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The Girl With The Smallest Oven

September 29, 2014

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I had to remember to find the magic this weekend.

In acupuncture graduate school, I had a dear friend who waitressed at night and went to school full-time. She lived in a teeny one bedroom apartment with the smallest kitchen I had ever seen in California (New York-different story). Her oven/stove was a mystery to me. It was so compact, I just wondered who manufactured this sort of thing. It was a hair more than an Easy Bake.

What I REALLY remembered about her home though, was the INCREDIBLE dinner parties she had: gourmand appetizers, outdoor dining, bonfires all night, restaurant worthy main dishes and desserts that you always had room for. Then after all the libations and gluttony, TEA. Not tea bag tea, but Chinese herbal teas from raw ingredients that we had learned to aid digestion and prevent a hangover. Tea from a real ceramic tea-pot in beautifully curated tea cups.

There are some things in our home that I became really frustrated with and then I remembered this friend. It is my new job to create the magic of this home. I LOVE a challenge. I better hurry up so you can all come over for dinner. This was our Sunday night salad.

Please share some of your magic with me. 

Sisters and frappuccinos

September 22, 2014

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IMG_6665-2We moved this week and it was a doozy! Normally, as a person who has moved a zillion times, it takes me 3 days to make a house look like we’ve lived there for 10 years. Right now our place looks a bit like a crack den. HA! Well, I LOVE this crack den and it is our home now. 

My sister came down from Seattle to hang with us for things like the cable guy taking 5 hours to wire our home. [We were expecting him to ask to stay for dinner.] She really reminds me to relax more and stop worrying about things like how drinking a caramel frappuccino might ruin my life.

I think the most fun was dragging our feet and laughing through IKEA. Oh maybe it was eating incredible sushi together (toro and something called a tater tot). OR coming into the room seeing her holding Grant, looking unsure but so perfectly soothing him with spit up going down her arm. I just wish she lived closer. When we are together I try to do everything with her in just a few days. 

We took a slow walk and snapped some pics. The clouds were AH-MAZING after the million degree heat wave this past week. I love being close to green stuff. 

Thank you very much for the awesome support and friendship!!! 

Newborn Family Photos With Jack & Lola Photographer Lyndsey Yoemans

September 15, 2014

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Warren08 Warren10 Warren14Warren03Warren-22Warren-68 Warren36Warren-40 Warren50 Warren54Warren-62 Warren60Warren-44Warren-83 It’s Monday and right now we are MOVING to Orange County! While we’re rushing and vacuuming, I wanted to share some images that I feel so lucky to have. Lyndsey Yoemans, owner of Jack & Lola Photography, was in her last week of pregnancy and she was so generous to come to our home and take these photos for us at the three week mark. Really, if she hadn’t, this would not have happened. 

Chris met Lyndsey and her husband years ago through mutual friends and I’ve been building a “web friendship” with Lyndsey via Instagram drooling, Facebook stalking and blog envying. I have admired her style and love seeing our other mutual friends’ photos on her beautiful website

The first time we met was on this photo session and I already felt like we had been friends.

I love so many of them but here are a few. 

When I look at these now, I see that his gentle personality and sense of humor were there all along. It just didn’t seem like it back then.

As I write this, he’s been napping for HOURS. Good. More packing time for me. After these marathon sleeps, he wakes up with 5 new skills and facial expressions. Have you seen the movie Orlando with Tilda Swinton? Well…SPOILER ALERT: Tilda’s character starts out as a he and after a long nap (hmmm around a few weeks or so) HE wakes up as a SHE! GAH! It’s not that dramatic around here but it’s close.

Thank you, Lyndsey!


Wedding Eyes

September 8, 2014

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P9050035-1 P9070041-1The top photo was from the rehearsal dinner for Chris’ sister and her fianc√© on Friday night. This golf course venue is so sweet. 

The next night…wedding with a baby? It took us a few tries to get photoboothing with a baby right. I promise I didn’t drop him in that top left photo.

I was hell-bent on wearing my fake lashes. It’s that thing that makes me feel like I’m that mom who has it all together and then some. 

FALSE LASH PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not do them if you are in any kind of rush. My eyes were on fire from the glue smear. Too much glue clumped chunks of lashes together hardening into little splinters that scratched my cornea with each blink. People felt awkward maintaining eye contact with me. 

This is why 90% of photos from that night are with my eyes closed. Chris and I DID get to have one quick dance together and his toast made his sister cry. Pretty much nailed it. 

Know It All

September 1, 2014

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P8310119-1-2Sometimes you swear that you ordered something online. Ahead of time. With plenty of time. You email the vendor asking for updates and the responses seem to say that all is in order after 11 back and forths. Then you ask for the shipping number and she tells you that you haven’t purchased it yet but you need it tomorrow. DAH!

Luckily you live in LA where you can buy ANYTHING on this planet. There’s a sweaty warehouse called Moskatel’s in a seedy part of downtown and they have more ribbon than you could shake a stick at for your sister-in-law’s wedding. 

No. I have that mom-brain that I was SO vehemently sure I had an immunity to.  

I want to shed big, juicy, figurative tear of farewell to that part of my brain that used to remember everything. Adieu my friend. Adieu. Hopefully, until next time. 

Perhaps I may no longer even be teased as a “know-it-all.” Drat.

What’s that yellow thing called again?