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September 1, 2014

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P8310119-1-2Sometimes you swear that you ordered something online. Ahead of time. With plenty of time. You email the vendor asking for updates and the responses seem to say that all is in order after 11 back and forths. Then you ask for the shipping number and she tells you that you haven’t purchased it yet but you need it tomorrow. DAH!

Luckily you live in LA where you can buy ANYTHING on this planet. There’s a sweaty warehouse called Moskatel’s in a seedy part of downtown and they have more ribbon than you could shake a stick at for your sister-in-law’s wedding. 

No. I have that mom-brain that I was SO vehemently sure I had an immunity to.  

I want to shed big, juicy, figurative tear of farewell to that part of my brain that used to remember everything. Adieu my friend. Adieu. Hopefully, until next time. 

Perhaps I may no longer even be teased as a “know-it-all.” Drat.

What’s that yellow thing called again?


  • Thanks goodness for such a diverse and resourceful city 🙂

  • Oh no!! Lucky for you, I have a good feeling that your mom brain is still twice as sharp as most people’s normal brain 🙂

  • ha i’ve heard that mom brain is a thing! now you have an excuse if you forget things 🙂

    • Is this the same excuse for homeless hair and chapped lips from hell? 🙂

  • Congrats on the mom brain 🙂 You upgraded from pregnancy brain!

    • Pah! Becca, I like the way you think! Mostly because I love promotions. Do you think this should be accompanied by a raise? In the form of a decorating budget for our new little place?

  • Haha, I’ve always had a bad memory (which is why I obsessively write everything down) and now that I’m pregnant it’s even worse. Oy! It’s just weird that the vendor didn’t tell you that you didn’t order it until the 11th email…

    • My iPhone lists quotient is up to around 40 now (higher than ever). That used to be my jam. It took me hours…correction…days to pack for our trip to the mountain house a few weeks ago. When we got there, the baby had no pants packed so he lived in a blanket. Bahahah. Yes, that vendor is the most polite and non-confrontational person EVER. 🙂 I would have been like, “Lady, fork over the credit card # so I can get these to you and be rich!” LOL

  • omg what did I signed up for?! :))

    • It totally creeps up on you like in a dark alley kind of way. I thought it was an urban legend. A thing people who are disorganized use as an excuse. No. It’s not a unicorn. It. Is. REAL! 🙂

  • Krista Williams

    Oh to go back to the days before mom brain! It has been 8+ years and mom brain is still strong in this one. At least for now when you call it mom brain everyone gives you a sweet look. That look wore off several years ago for me. Lol

    • Ba! That’s awesome. I’m going to start working on a Chinese herbal formula cure for this and then I’m going to sell it for MILLIONS and Millions of dollars (said in Mr. Burns of the Simpsons voice). I’ll throw a royalty check your way. 😉

  • Kate

    Hysterical! So miss you!

    • Ha! Miss you too! If you were here, you and I would be running to Moskatel’s weekly.

  • Louise Wrote It

    Gorgeous baby!x