Wedding Eyes

September 8, 2014

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P9050035-1 P9070041-1The top photo was from the rehearsal dinner for Chris’ sister and her fiancé on Friday night. This golf course venue is so sweet. 

The next night…wedding with a baby? It took us a few tries to get photoboothing with a baby right. I promise I didn’t drop him in that top left photo.

I was hell-bent on wearing my fake lashes. It’s that thing that makes me feel like I’m that mom who has it all together and then some. 

FALSE LASH PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not do them if you are in any kind of rush. My eyes were on fire from the glue smear. Too much glue clumped chunks of lashes together hardening into little splinters that scratched my cornea with each blink. People felt awkward maintaining eye contact with me. 

This is why 90% of photos from that night are with my eyes closed. Chris and I DID get to have one quick dance together and his toast made his sister cry. Pretty much nailed it. 

  • What cute pictures!!! Glad you were able to have a fun night out, even with baby in tow 🙂

    • It was exhausting but fun and I was so happy that he was happy. I did end up getting the flu the next day. Too many days and nights of fun lately! Thank you!

  • These pictures are adorable! I hope your eye has recovered!!

    • HA! Yes, the eye is back. I just got the flu with it! Finally recovering today. Ai! Thank you!

  • Wedding with a baby…wow, super Mom and fake lashes…you definitely nailed it.

    • AW, thanks, Andrea. I was really trying to get around to buying some Spanx for that dress too but it never happened. There was a lot of clenching and sucking in. 🙂 …sort of an all-night work out.

  • 🙂 your false eyelash experience was hilarious to read. you three look super cute.

    • Thank, Jane! Getting photos of all three of us is always super cool.

  • See, this is why false lashes intimidate me and I’ve only worn them once! I hope your eye has recovered from the trauma!! I love the photo collage- what a sweet memento.

    • Oh, Abby! You would LOVE them! You don’t need them but falsies are so dramatic!!! The wedding photo booth trend is pretty awesome!! I totally appreciate them!

  • Sounds like it was a really lovely wedding except for the eyes on fire part. The pics of you 3 are so sweet!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  • I still have yet to master falsies. I just can’t get them all the way on!

  • Aww sounds like you went to an awesomely sweet weeding – minus the searing cornias!