Newborn Family Photos With Jack & Lola Photographer Lyndsey Yoemans

September 15, 2014

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Warren08 Warren10 Warren14Warren03Warren-22Warren-68 Warren36Warren-40 Warren50 Warren54Warren-62 Warren60Warren-44Warren-83 It’s Monday and right now we are MOVING to Orange County! While we’re rushing and vacuuming, I wanted to share some images that I feel so lucky to have. Lyndsey Yoemans, owner of Jack & Lola Photography, was in her last week of pregnancy and she was so generous to come to our home and take these photos for us at the three week mark. Really, if she hadn’t, this would not have happened. 

Chris met Lyndsey and her husband years ago through mutual friends and I’ve been building a “web friendship” with Lyndsey via Instagram drooling, Facebook stalking and blog envying. I have admired her style and love seeing our other mutual friends’ photos on her beautiful website

The first time we met was on this photo session and I already felt like we had been friends.

I love so many of them but here are a few. 

When I look at these now, I see that his gentle personality and sense of humor were there all along. It just didn’t seem like it back then.

As I write this, he’s been napping for HOURS. Good. More packing time for me. After these marathon sleeps, he wakes up with 5 new skills and facial expressions. Have you seen the movie Orlando with Tilda Swinton? Well…SPOILER ALERT: Tilda’s character starts out as a he and after a long nap (hmmm around a few weeks or so) HE wakes up as a SHE! GAH! It’s not that dramatic around here but it’s close.

Thank you, Lyndsey!


  • Such a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing these pictures 🙂 After a 4 month hiatus in the blogging world I love being greeted with such sweet pictures 😀 Hopefully the move goes without a hitch! <3

    • Welcome back and thank you! We made it and it’s so awesome here!!!

  • Oh my heart. Everything about these photos is PRECIOUS!

  • Beautiful photos! I love the swaddling blanket!

    • Thank you! You know, Lindsey had a bunch of gorgeous scarves to use for the shoot!

  • Jessica

    Oh my, I do not think it is possible to be any more adorable. Beautiful pictures.

  • Tracey Collins

    Congratulation Tina. Beautiful Beautiful little!!! He is so handsome. So Cute. How are you? Great I hope! Let’s touch base live soon.

    • Thank you, Tracey! We are finally over the peak if moving etc and on the way down to smooth sailing some time soon in our new life here. Hope you are so well!!! xoxoxo

  • Such a beautiful family! Your boy is so sweet. Can’t wait to meet our as well 🙂

    • Oh thank you! It feels like we meet a new person every day. He just keeps changing!! So thrilled for you!!

  • These are gorgeous photos! Good luck with the move!

  • steinhar

    Ow, beautiful pictures..

  • So Beautiful!!!!! XO!

  • Jen Kleiner

    Stunning pictures! Can’t wait to see some of these framed in the new house! xo

    • Thank you!! Oh that will be so awesome! I’m loving the process!

  • Beautiful photographs!!! Good luck with the move. 🙂