Sisters and frappuccinos

September 22, 2014

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IMG_6665-2We moved this week and it was a doozy! Normally, as a person who has moved a zillion times, it takes me 3 days to make a house look like we’ve lived there for 10 years. Right now our place looks a bit like a crack den. HA! Well, I LOVE this crack den and it is our home now. 

My sister came down from Seattle to hang with us for things like the cable guy taking 5 hours to wire our home. [We were expecting him to ask to stay for dinner.] She really reminds me to relax more and stop worrying about things like how drinking a caramel frappuccino might ruin my life.

I think the most fun was dragging our feet and laughing through IKEA. Oh maybe it was eating incredible sushi together (toro and something called a tater tot). OR coming into the room seeing her holding Grant, looking unsure but so perfectly soothing him with spit up going down her arm. I just wish she lived closer. When we are together I try to do everything with her in just a few days. 

We took a slow walk and snapped some pics. The clouds were AH-MAZING after the million degree heat wave this past week. I love being close to green stuff. 

Thank you very much for the awesome support and friendship!!! 

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  1. Jessica

    Your pictures are beautiful. It is great that you got to spend some quality time with your sister and I am sure you will have your home looking wonderful in no time.

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