The Girl With The Smallest Oven

September 29, 2014

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I had to remember to find the magic this weekend.

In acupuncture graduate school, I had a dear friend who waitressed at night and went to school full-time. She lived in a teeny one bedroom apartment with the smallest kitchen I had ever seen in California (New York-different story). Her oven/stove was a mystery to me. It was so compact, I just wondered who manufactured this sort of thing. It was a hair more than an Easy Bake.

What I REALLY remembered about her home though, was the INCREDIBLE dinner parties she had: gourmand appetizers, outdoor dining, bonfires all night, restaurant worthy main dishes and desserts that you always had room for. Then after all the libations and gluttony, TEA. Not tea bag tea, but Chinese herbal teas from raw ingredients that we had learned to aid digestion and prevent a hangover. Tea from a real ceramic tea-pot in beautifully curated tea cups.

There are some things in our home that I became really frustrated with and then I remembered this friend. It is my new job to create the magic of this home. I LOVE a challenge. I better hurry up so you can all come over for dinner. This was our Sunday night salad.

Please share some of your magic with me. 

  • I think your friend beautifully illustrates that it’s not the tools but the person who makes the magic. Here’s to you creating plenty of magic in your new home Christina. That salad looks like an amazing start 🙂

    Turks and Caicos was so incredibly beautiful! You definitely should return for more than an afternoon if you ever get the chance. Yes I will be sharing photos! I’m so glad to hear you’re getting settled after the move and that the baby is back on a napping schedule. That must make all the difference for you.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Thank you, Rowena!! The salad was very fine!!! Oh Turks and Caicos!!!!!

  • Jessica

    I think the key is working with what you have and finding ways to improvise.

    • Exactly. I forget to appreciate what I have sometimes…ok…a lot! Thank you, Jessica!

  • I am currently starving and this post just made my mouth water.

    • Bahahah. Hopefully you found something wonderful to eat. I am always hungry. At the clinic I worked at, the joke was, “If she’s not treating, she’s eating.” Thank you!