My Pumpkin

October 13, 2014

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Pumpkin Painting Party Pumpkin Painting Pumpkin Painting Pumpkin Painting Pumpkin PaintingP1010079-3Oh…paralell park  a 17,000 ton U.S. Navy Warship at a pier, plan a party for 2000 people from 14 different countries, treat one of the most influential people in medicine with acupuncture or have dinner with Jessica Beil and company? No big deal….but hang out with ladies to decorate a pumpkin… PARALYZING.

Cindi had her annual pumpkin decorating party recently and aside from the moldy themed (trying to look “whitewashed”) pumpkin I made, I had a great time.  I’m in a maternal panic for some creativity to show my kid some magic one day. I’m off to a rocky start. Next year, Cindi. Next year I’ll be ready. Mwahahahahahah


  • oh, how fun! I really want to grab some pumpkins and spray-paint them some cool colors, for some non-traditional fall decor. I love the rhinestones and the feather boa on those!

  • hena tayeb

    Your pumpkin looks awesome!

  • I am the less creative person when it comes to making things with my hands but I tell you, if i want something then for sure i can do it…thank god for the internet and youtube, they will be my teachers when the time comes 🙂

    • Andrea, the YouTube/internet revolution of tutorials IS such a game changer!! I even mastered a little braid from a Barefoot Blonde tutorial. She is amazing. Now of course I want mermaid extensions. LOL

  • OMG how creative are those pumpkins?! Especially that black cat one! love it! And wait…what about Jessica Biel?! I’m like, obsessed with her hair styles…LOL!!

    • Oh Cindi is also an interior designer. She is so artsy! Thank you! Ok, yes, the hair! I just have to say that all the Jessicas I know have amazing hair-including you! Jessica Biel was crazy beautiful and felt about 50 feet taller than me. HA!

  • Jessica

    Wow, these pumpkins look amazing. I so so want that black cat one!

  • I think your moldy pumpkin is adorable! Hahah I’m with you about hanging out with new people being glad you had a good time!

    • Pahahah! Thanks, Chelsea! Craftiness takes a lot of planning and thinking for me.

  • Tracey Colaianni

    Your pumpkins have inspired me! I’m busting out the paints and crafting up some pumpkins of my own! (My neighbor has been putting an every increasing number of delightful Halloween crafts and trinkets outside her door and every time I look at them… … …I FUME with jealousy! Tried some inflatable ghosts and cat–ANYWAY….) These pumpkins are the perfect craft to one-up my neighbo–I mean…fill my neighborhood with the festive spirit of Halloween!

    • Pwahaha. Tracey, I’d like to see what “fuming” looks like on you!!! As the most laid back person I know, these decorations must be sensational!!!! Please send me some pics of what you come up with!!! Xo

  • Can we just go back to dinner with Jessica Biel for a second LOL?! I love those mummy pumpkins!

    • HA! That’s what you noticed?! lol Well, it was dinner on an aircraft carrier with the cast of (Stealth-I know, I can’t believe you’ve never heard of it-lol). It was Jessica Beil, Jamie Fox, Josh something, Sam Shepard etc. The person who I was most excited to meet was the dude that was in Terminator II, Joe Morton. Randomly, my dad was the dentist on that ship and he asked me to hook him up with some dentistry! AH! So many random things happened that week. I was accompanying Sony execs and actors as an Admirals Assistant on the at-sea shoot. We helicoptered on and off just for a few days. Fun times! I totally loved the mummies too!!!! Easy but really creative.

  • This looks like some serious pumpkin decorating fun! The gold “boo” one is fabulous!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Oh that “boo” one is ridiculous! There were also some sexy pumpkins with pink and black!!! So cute! I have a fear of branching out of simplicity often! HA! Thank you, Rowena!

  • I love all of these!! I am now in the mood for pumpkin DIYing

    • Ya know, painting the pumpkins was so much easier and neater!!! Thank you, Macy!