Sleep Camel

October 20, 2014

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Cowboy Hat BabyWouldn’t it be cool to be able to store things up the way a camel stores water in the desert? I’d be a sleep camel. 

Our little home is coming along. I carry the baby around like a marsupial while doing those Playboy Bunny waitress moves (where you bend at the knees and swivel at the waist as if there is a book on your head) while doing laundry and unpacking boxes.  Only I’m wearing my ninja outfit again. Sometimes I outsmart the baby by waking at 4:45 and sneak out of bed to do chores.

Once in a while I research non-toxic baby cribs and then try to find one on Craigslist. 

The only complaint I have…I want to do MORE!!!!!! S-a-t-i-s-f-a-c-t-i-o-n! That’s what I live for!! That and credit for finding the best donuts in every town.

Speaking of sweets…Trader Joe’s Carrot Cake (freezer section) is what we enjoy after 9:00 p.m. every night while watching old episodes of Homeland in bed. Is anyone watching this show??!!! LOVE IT. I have to say it would be more convincing if Brody had a real Marine haircut. Womp (new word from sister-in-law)!

I just realized it’s my mom’s birthday-the first one of two that she has. AH!

What kind of camel would you be? Happy Monday!!!! Grant’s wearing his great grandpa’s hat.

  • Omgoodness, he is just so precious!!!! Oh I could sure use a sleep camel :)))

  • Oh my word I would totally save up in sleep too! It would be the best thing ever!
    Little Lady Little City

    • Thanks, Amanda! HI! OK, how about an exquisite donut camel? More specifically a Primos Donuts (West LA) Camel. Those things are amazing-all kind of old fashioned/cakey style. It’s so far away now!!! I’ll have to eat like 20 the next time I go up. Thanks for stopping by!

  • oooh saving up sleep would be awesome. and you are sounding so efficient with your baby and house cleaning moves!

    • Thank you, Jackie! Oh it’s manic around here!! I want to add perfect nail camel in your honor. Xo

  • Sam

    OMG I have missed your blog! I took a little hiatus from blogging because things have been crazy busy at the coffee shop but I’m back and so glad you guys are doing well! Can’t believe how big Grant is getting!

    • Sam!! Hi!!! Missed you!! Hope the shop is awesome!! Thank you for coming by! Yes that kid is a growing!

  • I feel you on the sleep camel thing Christina. If only we could bank and store sleep. Happy Birthday to your mom! Does she have 2 birthdays because she follows Korean calendar? My mom celebrates hers by the Chinese calendar and this year her birthday falls on the same day as my husband’s. Double celebration yay!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Oh you are SOO awesome!! Well the birthday thing is bc she was born during the war in Korea so the office was closed on the day of her birth so the reported date of birth is different from her actual birthday. We love to have her birthday twice or we get off the hook if we forget her first one!! Bahahah

  • sleep camel sounds like a good camel 🙂

  • Sleep camel alllll the way!

    • Oh maybe also an “exceptional dessert” camel toake up for those mediocre dessert days. Lol

  • You are too funny! I have missed you and your hilarious observations! I am dressed like a ninja today, too. Head to toe black, baby. But I have bright purple nails so it offsets the darkness. Glad all is going well with the bambino. xo

  • I don’t know how you are able to keep up with everything girl!! So proud of you!

    • P.S. I would be a sleep camel too ha!

      • Thank you!!! I had a wonderful little meetup with a friend today and that recharges me like nothing else. Xo