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How to Fly with a Baby

November 24, 2014


P1010054-1P1010103-4I had heard a lot of horror stories and unbelievable miracle tales of traveling with a baby. Traveling is a must for my family so I was excited to take the plunge with Grant being 6 months old. 

We are on The Big Island of Hawaii this week. It took a 5 hour flight from LAX to Oahu and a quick sub-one-hour flight to Hawaii. He slept almost the entire time!!!!

Best tips I read and made up are:

1. Carry the baby in a carrier (we use Ergo) and check the carseat and stroller with your bags.

2. Pack LIGHT! Bring diapers for part of the trip and buy the rest there. We are on a 2 week trip so I didn’t want to pack that many diapers.

3. Bring a change of clothes for you, your companion and the baby in your carryon that will be a smaller roller suitcase. The diaper bag will be under the seat in front of you. 

4. Pack toys that are new for the baby. I found this crinkle book at Walmart and he LOVES it. He only gets it on the plane.

5. Pack some Oxyclean for stain soaking at your destination.

6. Pack light! We only checked one large suitcase for the 3 of us. It is glorious!! We also had one diaper bag, a roller carryon, a carseat with base and a stroller (which we still have not opened-you may not even need one).  Our airline (and most) did not charge to check in the carseat and stroller.

7. Nurse/feed the baby upon takeoff and landing to help with their ears adjusting to altitude changes. If the baby starts a fit during the flight, run to the bathroom! Luckily this didn’t happen but he did get fussy and my husband took him for a 20 minute slow saunter around the plane. 

Get to the airport with plenty of time for diaper changes, feedings, getting food etc.

Nap when you can! I got in 2 power naps during the flight and had superhero strength to care for Grant when he was awake. 

Traveling with a baby is a lot of work. I have to say that it is still super fun getting away and having little adventures. Even just watching movies in another bedroom is fun just like it was before having a baby.


November 17, 2014

HAPPINESS / Uncategorized

P1010008-2 P1010016-310394087_10203868681652056_923505075335911318_nSo how do you make friends? You know, the kind that feel like a warm blanket and cup of hot cocoa at a cool weather slumber party.  I got to know these ladies through work when I was practicing acupuncture in San Diego.  After a few moves (one of the gals was in Germany) and a baby, we got to reunite for our ladies “night/day.” 

HMMMM how would I describe these gems??? A bit of Astrology, Anthropologie and sexy cars. You guess which is which!

I was trying to convey my ultimate joy when posing and when I look at the photos, I see the 4 hours of sleep I had the night prior! 

You can read about some other ways I’ve made friends over on Stephanie’s The Loudmouth Lifestyle. Stephanie recently had a baby and she is quite a cool character! Please check her out! You can also find her on Twitter.


Giving Thanks

November 10, 2014


P1010093-1P1010087-1-2 P1010043-1 P1010077-1

Oh I am SO thankful for wonderful people! I got to shadow Lyndsey of Jack and Lola Photography today on a big shooting day and it was eye-poppingly fun. 

You know when you admire something someone does and then they help you to actualize your dream of doing it yourself?? Yes, it was like that. 

Here are a few photos from this week as I ordered my husband and son to pose for me. Ha! I am turning into my dad who I only remember as a floating camera-head as we were growing up. A lot of our childhood was in slow motion as we posed or slowed our walk so he could capture it. DAD!

I get energized by helping people and I’m hoping for a really great opportunity to help someone else soon. What are you helping people with these days or what kind of wonderful help have you recently received?


November 3, 2014

BABY / Uncategorized

P1010032-2 P1010053-7 P1010054-8If it wasn’t for the no-way, wrap-around line at Party City on Halloween night, Grant would have been in a biker boy, tattoo sleeved costume because that was what was left in his size! HA! Luckily, Kmart next door had this bee costume. 

I have had many fantasies of what I would feel like as a new mom. Then I saw many new moms sharing their stories and showing me that these fantasies were accurate. Hoorah! Well, I was disappointed for not feeling these things at the beginning of motherhood and all the time. It wasn’t depression. I was mostly focused on all the mechanics like feeding, changing, soothing, recovering myself and relocating. I’ve heard some moms experiencing this too. Well, all the joys I was anticipating are happening. I’m really excited. We have gone from surviving to enjoying life this week. Less THE WALKING DEAD and more FRASIER (my all-time favorite show). 

I miss Grant (I’ve started to call him more by his name and less “the baby”) when he’s napping. I check in on him sleeping and wonder when he’ll wake so I can cuddle him. All those annoyingly sappy things that I have been praying for are happening.

Frasier. The way my life used to feel. Nerdy jokes, failing at being fancy (but not giving up) and even when there is something “bad” it’s not really that bad at all. Everything ends with a good laugh…usually at myself. 

If you had to pick a sitcom that mirrored your life (or what you’d like it to be), which would it be??????