November 3, 2014

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P1010032-2 P1010053-7 P1010054-8If it wasn’t for the no-way, wrap-around line at Party City on Halloween night, Grant would have been in a biker boy, tattoo sleeved costume because that was what was left in his size! HA! Luckily, Kmart next door had this bee costume. 

I have had many fantasies of what I would feel like as a new mom. Then I saw many new moms sharing their stories and showing me that these fantasies were accurate. Hoorah! Well, I was disappointed for not feeling these things at the beginning of motherhood and all the time. It wasn’t depression. I was mostly focused on all the mechanics like feeding, changing, soothing, recovering myself and relocating. I’ve heard some moms experiencing this too. Well, all the joys I was anticipating are happening. I’m really excited. We have gone from surviving to enjoying life this week. Less THE WALKING DEAD and more FRASIER (my all-time favorite show). 

I miss Grant (I’ve started to call him more by his name and less “the baby”) when he’s napping. I check in on him sleeping and wonder when he’ll wake so I can cuddle him. All those annoyingly sappy things that I have been praying for are happening.

Frasier. The way my life used to feel. Nerdy jokes, failing at being fancy (but not giving up) and even when there is something “bad” it’s not really that bad at all. Everything ends with a good laugh…usually at myself. 

If you had to pick a sitcom that mirrored your life (or what you’d like it to be), which would it be??????


  • Jessica

    Awwww! He is so adorable! I love the bee outfit.

    I hope you had a great weekend!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

  • He is looking like a little human! SO SO PRECIOUS!!!

    • BHAHA! Yes, a real human! I totally think that all the time. He was a little blob for months and then THERE, one day he became a little boy! Thank you!!!

  • Oh my god, this is cuuuuuute!

  • Oh my goodness! I fall off the face of the blogosphere for a little while, and look at that! He is so big! And gorgeous!!!

    I missed your lovely blog, girl! But I would probably pick Friends over Frasier. Or The Mindy Project, which I LOVE so much I want to live in it.

    • OMG THE MINDY PROJECT!!! Totally! LOL Thank you!!! HA! Have you read her book? HILARIOUS! Welcome back, lady!

  • I love Frasier as well, but I think I would pick Friends. And I am glad to read that everything gets better after the first few months. I am looking forward to the entire process, but secretly I am hoping it won’t be very bad.

    • Friends. That show just feels so good!!! It will be wonderful!!! It can be anything you want. I went into it with an open mind and kept telling myself, “This is natural. This is normal.” HA! I am looking forward to learning of your experience!

  • LOL! Ahh, simpler times, right?? haha, also love that you’re using Grant now instead of “baby”, although either would be appropriate 🙂 Did I ever tell you that my second crush (2nd grade) was named Grant, and I haven’t met another one by that name…until now! lol! I love that bumble bee costume!!

    • WHAT!? LOVE that you knew a Grant that long ago AND that you had a crush on him. People think of all kinds of things when they name their kids. I thought about who he would be to the LADIES! LOL Grant seemed like it would be the type of person I’d have a crush on! HA! I am so impressed that you remembered that from 2nd grade!! Thank you!

  • Grant made an adorable little bee! Glad to hear the joys of motherhood are finding you more often these days. I can only imagine it must be so overwhelming when you’re a first time mom that it can make it hard to enjoy the experience. I’m not sure what sitcom would mirror my life but our friends have said that my husband and I are like Chandler and Monica from Friends. Yes I have a bit OCD when it comes to cleaning ;p

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Thank you, Rowena!! Isn’t it funny when people liken you to someone on TV???? Totally cool! LOVE Chandler and Monica. HA! I can totally get Monica on things!!! My sister in law says I’m like Zoey Dechanel and Chris is like Jason Bateman. WOW. lol