Giving Thanks

November 10, 2014


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Oh I am SO thankful for wonderful people! I got to shadow Lyndsey of Jack and Lola Photography today on a big shooting day and it was eye-poppingly fun. 

You know when you admire something someone does and then they help you to actualize your dream of doing it yourself?? Yes, it was like that. 

Here are a few photos from this week as I ordered my husband and son to pose for me. Ha! I am turning into my dad who I only remember as a floating camera-head as we were growing up. A lot of our childhood was in slow motion as we posed or slowed our walk so he could capture it. DAD!

I get energized by helping people and I’m hoping for a really great opportunity to help someone else soon. What are you helping people with these days or what kind of wonderful help have you recently received?

  • Being pregnant, I get a lot of help from everyone especially friends and family. They all offer a great deal of support and I am so grateful to be surrounded by these wonderful people. I love that u take pictures. At our house my husband does that and I am sure once the baby comes, we will have tons of pictures. But they make such nice memories…

    • The help feels so extra-good when you’re pregnant, right??!! So amazing, Andrea!! You are SO lucky that your husband takes pictures. Chris was never really into it until the baby was born-literally. He took photos at the hospital and thank goodness because that was the LAST thing on my mind! HA! Thank you!

  • Ah how wonderful Christina! These photos are lovely! You obviously have some great models as well ;p

    • BHAHAA. I want more models…errr…I mean kids. LOL. Thank you, Rowena! I love it when friends/anyone asks me to photograph them. My husband isn’t so into it. I have to BEG him!!!

  • Ahh I love family pictures! These are just so great! Is it not the weirdest thing ever to realize you are turning into your parents?!

    • AHHH!Thank you, Ash! It is so weird sometimes but usually we’re too tired to think about it! HA! I’m learning how to make it more fun by hanging out with more moms who have it down!