November 17, 2014

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P1010008-2 P1010016-310394087_10203868681652056_923505075335911318_nSo how do you make friends? You know, the kind that feel like a warm blanket and cup of hot cocoa at a cool weather slumber party.  I got to know these ladies through work when I was practicing acupuncture in San Diego.  After a few moves (one of the gals was in Germany) and a baby, we got to reunite for our ladies “night/day.” 

HMMMM how would I describe these gems??? A bit of Astrology, Anthropologie and sexy cars. You guess which is which!

I was trying to convey my ultimate joy when posing and when I look at the photos, I see the 4 hours of sleep I had the night prior! 

You can read about some other ways I’ve made friends over on Stephanie’s The Loudmouth Lifestyle. Stephanie recently had a baby and she is quite a cool character! Please check her out! You can also find her on Twitter.


  • Ah, friends. I had a bit of a year in that department. I had to come face to face with the fact that I was surrounding myself with people I coulnd’t be 100% myself with, and had to sever bridges with a couple of them because I came to realize that they had a negative influence on me. Luckily I still have people in my life who love me for who I am, and with whom I don’t have to hold back or edit myself! It truly does give you that cozy, comfortable, warm feeling of a soft blanket and a cup of cocoa on a cold night, I coulnd’t have said it better!

    And you look gorgeous, no matter the lack of sleep! I don’t see a tired mama, I see a sweet gal with a smile that can light up the room 🙂

    • Oh, Elisa, I totally know how that goes! We all go through those restructuring times in our lives. So challenging and so worth it, right? I totally dread those feelings of transition!!! I am sending you encouragement and love. You are so kind to me! Thank you for all of your encouragement as well!!!!XO

  • Jessica

    It’s great that you were able to get together for a girls day! I love having a great day with my best friends!

    Jessica @ Sunny
    Days and Starry Nights

    • Oh I forget how amazing they can be!! Yes! I’ve got to get another one on the books stat!!! Thank you!

  • Aww, thanks for the mention! You look so happy! 🙂

  • you look so happy and like you’re enjoying a day out with the ladies!

    • GIRRRRLLLL! It had been too long since I had seen the ladies!! Thank you!

  • So sweet! I love your hat! You are looking amazing, mama! I miss girly get togethers like this. Maybe some will happen over the holidays. *fingers crossed*

    • WOW! Thank you, Abby!!! I know, I used to be all about my friends and then I moved and got married…then had a baby!!! AH! I’m really enjoying getting back into it!!! Love that you love the hat! Marshalls!!!

  • BlushandBarbells

    fun times! I miss having get-togethers like this and I think I’ll plan one!

    • Oh your friends will be so grateful! The “planners” are the best!!! Thank you!

  • Looks like a fun reunion you have going here Christina! I actually made some incredible friends through my last blog… before the one I have now. It was on a community that was geared towards Asian entertainment.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Oh yes! I love blog friends so much!!! Like you!!! Is there a link to the other blog??