December 8, 2014

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P1010087-6P1010068-5P1010092-7P1010097-8P1010007-1-2 P1010025-2-4-2 P1010034-2-2 P1010061-3-2After a week in the jungles of The Big Island near Hilo, we came to stay a week on Kauai. This island was too fun to photograph!! I was in love with the treehouse we stayed in. The finishes were so beautiful. The bottom photo is from our bedroom patio. We were there only for a little over a week but I felt like it was our home. AH! Going on vacation really gave us time to connect and be the most present with each other that we have been since having Grant. Vacations always give us a lot of clarity on the next steps in life too. I’m so recharged with fun new goals and a more positive attitude!!! Gah! Happy Monday!!

  • steinhar

    That pictures are amazing, seems like great and relaxing trip..

    • Hi there! Thank you! Oh it was awesome to slow down my inner speed, you know?

  • Wow, you guys stayed at a gorgeous place! Where was it? Thanks for posting these photos, gives me a little taste of home 🙂 Can’t wait to hear more stories from you trip!! (and more pictures!!)

    • Thank you! It was a very well done tree house located in Haena near Tunnels Beach on the north shore. I was SO in love with the details. It was so cozy and nice. After 9 days there, it actually felt like we lived there!

  • What a vacation!! Looks so serene and beautiful.

    • Hi, Macy! Thank you! Oh, we were so blissfully relaxed! Truly the first time since the move and baby!!!

  • gorgeous! we loved maui and next time i really want to go to kauai too. it looks so amazing and peaceful. glad you had a lovely time!

    • Thank you, Jackie!! Yes, I want to see Maui for sure! Each island has such a different flavor!! On The Big Island, it felt like TWO different islands because we were staying in the rainforest and beaching on the “dry” side of the island. Very cool.