A Lesson In Story Telling

December 22, 2014

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P1010003-1 P1010021-2 P1010025-3 P1010028-1 P1010029-5 P1010030-6 P1010044-7 P1010050-8Karen Thompson Walker, author of The Age of Miracles was on her book tour and about to visit Seattle where I was living at the time a few years ago. Our mutual friend told me the amazing story of the life of this book and how wonderful Karen was, encouraging me to attend the signing.

I read the book within the week and headed to the signing with a very specific question in mind, “Is this young girl character you?” The book is set in San Diego (my heart’s home town where I lived for over 10 years) and follows an adolescent girl, through “the slowing,” a slowdown of the earth’s rotation and the events that follow. 

After she read an excerpt and opened up the floor for questions, I had my chance. Her answer was so striking to me. No, this girl was not her but the inspiration for the life events were her adolescent self’s worst fears. A boy snapping your bra for a non-spoiler example. 

Since then I sometimes imagine what my worst fears in a situation would be and it TOTALLY makes for an intriguing storyline. 

These photos are from a lunch in Laguna Beach a little while back. We sat down at Nick’s but Grant was SO over dining out at this point so we changed our burger orders to to-go and ate by the beach. WAY better. 

Now I know where the idea for SHARKNADO came from. 

  • i’ve been wanting to read that book too. and dining al fresco is also a nice thing 🙂

    • Hi, Jackie! Oh nice! The Age of Miracles was an interesting read. Karen is so visual. Enjoy!!! Thank you!

  • I want to read this book. Buying it now from iTunes. Also we received the card from you guys and I loved it. So adorable.

    • Andrea! Oh My, we LOVE you card! So inventive and very cute! Thank you!!!!

  • This book sounds so interesting and it’s really cool you got to meet the author.

    Hope your holidays are warm and wonderful Christina! I bet you already feel like you’ve received the best gift of all when Grant was born 🙂

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Rowena! So sweet of you! Yes, that is true. You know, I really had no interest in gifts this year. I just wanted family time…and sleep! Happy Holidays!!!

  • kelly

    that’s cool!! karen!! read her husband’s new book that just came out…”nights in shanghai” by casey walker.