Expansion & Contraction

December 29, 2014

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IMG_8291 IMG_8292 IMG_8293There are times when we expand and times when we contract. I love to expand through blog land and social media and then there are times when I retreat and turtle into my little family. This holiday has been turtle-ly and I’m digging it! 

I have LOVED receiving all of the holiday cards and messages! Thank you! With the new year approaching I’m really excited about expanding and renewing with creativity and more connections. 

Here are some photos from our morning coffee/beach walk. The sky was pinkish and surreal. I am so inspired to come back for a morning photo shoot. I’m looking for the right model.

Have you been expanding or contracting lately?

  • Krista Williams

    I tell ya, I have been the definition of a turtle for the last several months. I’ve been so hidden in my shell I don’t think I know what the real world looks like anymore! I’m looking forward to 2015 and expanding back into the world again. I bought a planner to really get me back on track and even had a custom blog planning section added to it to try and get back to blogging again! Hopefully 2015 is my year!

    • Hey, I’m there with you. I think some people thought I disappeared! 🙂 I really needed that time to recharge after the transition into motherhood. I am so comforted to know I’m not the only one who does that. I join you on this expansion phase, Krista! A planner sounds like a wonderful beginning! Happy New Year, friend!

  • Jessica

    I have been contracting lately. I received two weeks off from work for the holidays and I have barely left my house and done little work or blogging. I just felt like I needed time to rest and recharge.

    • Oh that sounds delightful! I am almost feeling like a butterfly after that cocooning! I hope are too! So wonderful!!!!

  • Yes, mine was definitely turtle-y too! Lol!

    • HA! We are totally turtle-y!!! LOVE YOU! Yes, the turtles are coming out their shells right bout now around here!!!

  • I love how you can take big ideas and boil them down to such simplicity on your blog. I’ve been doing a little bit of both, but I’m excited to expand in 2015!

    • Thank you, Chelsea! I really appreciate that. Distilling is my favorite thing to do. Cheers to lots of expansion!!

  • I can really relate tho this. But at the same time, I also feel like they are complementary states, because sometimes you just need to gather your strength and your thoughts and find yourself again (which may cause a contraction of sorts) so that you can then go out and be yourself in the best way and work at being all you can be. Right now I feel like I am more in the latter stage, but I was definitely doing a bit of contracting earlier in the year!

    Here’s to 2015 being a great year of expansion, and maybe some contraction, if we need it to come back stronger and better!


    • Thank you, Elisa! Yes, I agree with all of it. I love to contract and then expand even more! 2015 is going to be even more exciting and the expansion is going to be pretty huge after a time of “relative” contraction!!!