Photography Challenge

January 5, 2015

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Scarf Beach-1 Scarf Beach-2 Scarf Beach-3 Scarf Beach-5I am a crazy Instagram photographer stalker these days. If some of these people knew how many times I look at their photos, they may consider a restraining order. It’s no secret that I’m completely obsessive and lately it’s been photography. Recently I schlepped for a friend of mine on one of her shoots and she taught me so much!

SO I took to some sunset selfies last night to practice lighting looks. That last photo was take by Chris BTW (obvi).  This may be the longest eye contact poor Charlie has received from me since Grant was born. GAH! Ah, add “LOVE THE PUP” to the resolution list!!!

Sunset lighting 

See how the lighting is so different in the three selfies? Just different angles taken about an hour before sunset. 

Backlighting: try posing with the sun at your back (or side as in the last photo) and block the sun with part of your body. If you’re using an iPhone, tap the dark part of the image (you).


Look for triangles in photos (or any shapes for that matter). Use arms, fingers, yourself and you subject etc. to make shapes. 

Currently I’m doing a #30dayphotochallenge on my Instagram where I use a prompt from Click it up a Notch. So far it may take me a few months but I’m doing it!! 

Let me know what photo techniques you’ve learned lately or are interested in!

  • ray

    Really love your photos. It has the ability to make me feel happy, soft, whimsical. It’s very welcoming and after meeting you, I feel as if it amplifies those feelings. You were awesome and keep up the great work!

    • Thank you, Ray! YOU are such a professional! How lucky are Grant and I!? So excited to see your final product! Also thank you for stopping by! Do you have a site? I want to see your work!

      • ray

        It was my pleasure! It was fun working with you! I had to shutdown my website temporarily until next month. Once it’s up I’d like to show you my work!

  • You are just gorgeous!

    • Wow, Chelsea!! Thank you! I used to think selfies were the worst (for me) but now I’m literally so into photography that I’ll take any willing participant! LOL Happy New Year!

  • It’s so fun to play with lighting and composition isn’t it? Have you played with lens flare yet? That’s one of my favorites along with shadows. I must be one of the last holdouts for Instagram. I just can’t do any social media network right now. Happy Monday Christina!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Oh, Rowena! It is CRAZY!!! Instagram is so incredible for photo stalking. I am SO hungry for more and more talented artists. You would love it! Thank you!!