Headshots Maison Du Soir

January 19, 2015

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IMG_1458-1IMG_1495-2 IMG_1453-2Courtney Kates-1-2Courtney Kates-1Thank you very much for all of your support and nice comments! This weekend I got to work with Courtney Kates, the woman behind Maison Du Soir. Courtney creates luxury loungewear you can find in boutiques and Nordstrom.com. She needed a headshot and we put together many cool looks. Here are just a few. I will post more soon. What do you think?

  • withluckblog

    These are amazing!! I especially love the one second to last.

  • Wow! These are really good shots! I had no idea you were so great at this! Wow, you blow my mind. Are you good at everything? Shame on you, leave some talent for the rest of us! 😉

    • Elisa! Thank you! You are hilarious! Can you just keep the photography compliments coming please? HA! Thank you!!!!!

  • Jessica

    I love Maison Du Soir. The prettiest pajamas ever! Courtney’s pictures are stunning.

    • Thank you, Jessica!!! Yes, Maison Du Soir, SOOO crazy luxurious!!! Not gonna lie..when I saw them on Design Love Fest, I wanted them more! AH! I’m a slave to the bloggies!

  • Ummm can you please move to Florida so you can take my head shots? Okay thanks.

    • Chelsea, I would LOVE to photograph you!!!! I am obsessed with taking photos of people that they love. I feel that is an amazing gift!!! I know how I feel when I get a good photo…”WHAT!?? How is this possible?!”

  • You did such an amazing job! You are going to be photographer the Celebs one day soon 🙂

    • Oh thank you for our kind words, Macy! Photographing the stars sounds awesome!!! I would love that!!! AH!