There You Are Ant Face

January 26, 2015

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IMG_2087-1 IMG_2093-2Have you heard of the saying, “Wherever you are, there you are?” A very interesting former patient of mine said this to me. You know, as in your happiness is internal and not a product of THIS house or THIS job etc? OK, having a bigger kitchen or less ant invasions may actually make me happier. 

Well, how can I be my happiest self now in a windowless kitchen with daily ant attacks, waking to a nearby skunk bomb smell or a baby bedroom that is always 10 degrees hotter than the rest of the house?

How can I embrace those moments when I find an ant on my face (surely a hitchhiker from my own home) while at a friend’s house? “EW, Becky, your house is ant infested,” I yell, knowing full well that’s my ant.

First, I can demand $10 per public ant shaming from my husband. Second I get a slightly bigger (previously nonexistant) spending account because of all the money we are saving living in said ant hill. This sounds very financial. Well, I also demanded $$$ for grades as a kid. 

P.S. I just found out that this house is built on an ancient Indian burial ground. No. Really. #Poltergeist

  • Jessica

    Several years ago I had an ant problem and it was a horrible experience.

    • Girl, you know it! LOL Ants be crazy. I think I have found some effective methods of combat! HA! At least now I’m in the “joking about it” phase. Before I was in the, “I’m moving to a hotel tonight phase!” HA!

  • “Knowing full well that’s my ant.” I’m crying. You are hilarious.

    • Pwahahah! Thanks, Chelsea! OK, purchased the journal and 2 nights down! Just a few sentences and was SOOO tired but did it anyhow. SO excited about it! MWA!

  • Oh boy…ants. Totally understand how frustrating that experience is!

    But, in the frame of “your glass is half full” I do like the concept of embracing your happiness since it is not defined by material goods. But, I constantly have to remind me of this since it’s so easy to fall back on “what’s wrong in life” lately. =)


    • Totally, Nancy! HI! Oh, I LOVE to make ridiculous fun out of anything that drives me nuts. It was our coping mechanism growing up (my sister is WAAY funnier than me…oh wait, does that mean she was really ticked off…lol). Speaking of material goods….I have my eye on some fancy denim…the last pair of jeans I bought was from Target…maternity ones almost 2 years ago! AHHH. 🙂

  • I’m totally a believer in making our own happiness. Sounds like you can make some serious $$ from that ant of yours LOL

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Girl, I’m rolling in ant covered Benjamins! Pwahahahah!!! Making it rain over here. LOL.