The Best & At Times We Wanted to Die

March 16, 2015

BABY / Travel

P1010008-1Vacation to Hawaii with 6 month old Grant was just like being home but better. A cruise followed by a week in Florida with 10 month old Grant (we live in California) was awesome and at times we wanted to die. HA!


At home, he was sleeping in his own room and only waking once if at all in the night. On the trip, we were in a mix of hotel rooms, the cruise ship, rental cars and my parents’ place. The new beds, temperatures and having us 6 inches away from him meant only 2 hour stints of sleep. Then we all got the flu. 

There were many nights where Chris and I turned on each other during long crying bouts…”This is crazy…we’re never leaving the house…” HA! Then Grant goes to sleep and we kiss each other goodnight. 


We haven’t been happier. Having our families around and getting to spend time with Grant has been one of the most wonderful feelings we’ve had. We also got to have a few dates!

We are back. He’s sleeping 10000% better and so are we. As soon as the sniffles subside I’m sure we’ll be planning our next trip. 

  • Jessica

    Looks like a lot of fun but sorry you had so many bad things happen!

    Jessica @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

    • Ha! Thank you, Jessica! Oh we are seriously planning our next trip already. Ahaha.

  • yes, I can relate – a change in sleeping arrangements can play havoc on a baby’s sleep patterns! I certainly experienced that with Stella when we moved to the US.
    But I am so glad you guys had some fun and couple time and that you had some nice family moments! Traveling with kids is different, but in my experience it develops in one of the most amazing ways to travel. Kids can help you see things in a different way. Yay for family travel!

    • So true, Elisa-seeing things in a different way is the perfect way to put it. I easily get caught fantasizing about when he is older and can experience things with us in a more mature way. Stay in the moment, Christina! LOL Thank you!

  • Oh no! Bless your heart. And His. And baby’s. But glad to hear things are getting back to normal!

    • Chelsea, my dear grandmother says, “Bless your heart!” I love hearing that! Thank you! Yes, things are getting back to normal. It was such a paradigm shift in what we can handle after doing trips with the babe! Thank you!

  • He is such a handsome, growing boy!!! I’m happy it was a good trip but it must be nice to be home again!

    • Thien…HOME!!! Yes! It’s the best, right? We are totally planning our next trip…lol. Thank you!!!

  • aww…but all is well that ends well!! =D


    • Yes! It was so great and we are ready to go again! I love the challenges and excitement! Thank you!!