Are You Likable

March 23, 2015


IMG_3935-1I really appreciate the well wishes for our health! We are almost cured. 

Do you watch The Bachelor? What an ending, huh? During the show I am often reminded of that idea that if someone is going to like me, they are going to like me. It’s a funny thing, liking, yes? 

When I have felt unliked, I have totally fallen into that mind spinning worry of, “Was it something I said/did?” It’s so calming to remember that it’s just a natural thing that people do when they like or dislike. 

Be myself and love that self. All the right people gravitate. Wow. OK. Next? HA!

Happy Monday!

  • OMG LOL! Are we discussing another Bachelor finale?! haahah! I didn’t have as much attachment to any of the 3, so I wasn’t too emotional about the ending, but good for them! I’ve come to the conclusion, that everyone on that show is just in it for the fame!

    Aw, and yes, I have had those feelings too! I think that it’s just us taking things way to personal, you know? I am trying to think that just because someone doesn’t like you, it’s not necessarily because of you…sometimes they have their own things going on…all you can do is love yourself! And that will ALWAYS be good enough. <3 <3

    • Oh I was so sad for Kaitlyn because it really seemed like he was giving her signs that she was at least final 2! I agree with you about the fame. Yes! Also yes about people have their own things going on. It’s one of the “5 Agreements” from that book, yes?

  • Really glad to hear you guys are feeling better. It can really be such a drag to get sick after returning from vacation. I don’t watch The Bachelor but I heard about the ending. So funny about the whole idea of people liking us.When I was younger I really cared about stuff like that and now it’s just like you do, great, you don’t let’s move on. What’s more important is whether I like them anyway haha. I can be such an Aquarius in that way!

    You should definitely give Stella a sniff but be sure to test it as sits very differently on the skin depending on your body chemistry. Like it’s really light on me but other people have told me that it’s quite heavy on them.

    We watch The Walking Dead too! My husband and I have already concluded that we wouldn’t be tough enough to survive a zombie apocalypse but we’re prepared for weather alerts ;p

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Thank you, Rowena! Oh yes those travel bugs! As for The Bachelor, there was one woman who believed she was kicked off based on what another girl had said about her. I’m glad The Bachelor told her it was otherwise because she was torturing herself and blaming someone else.

      YES….perfume is SO different on everyone. BTW I saw something about a pheromone perfume that can only be detected by people who are attracted to you.

      Um…I would be a goner by episode…hmmm…I’ll say three. HA! I gave myself a little street cred there! LOL. Oh that show got so gnarly!!!


  • i don’t watch the bachelor but i know what you mean about people either like you or they don’t. nothing to stress about, especially if it wasn’t anything that you did.

    • Oh the things that will keep evolving with age and wisdom, yes? HA! I’m excited for the next thing. Thank you, Jackie!

  • yeah, I used to torture myself with those questions, replaying conversations in my mind to figure out what I said or did that could have triggered the dislike, or rather the “not like” 😉
    Neurotic much? 😉
    Now I just worry about being myself and doing what feels right, and if someone doesn’t like me, well at least I feel ok about how I behaved. Such a relief!

    BTW, that pic? LOVE <3

    • Thank you for the photo love, Elisa! Yes, replaying. I have totally done that! WHY!? LOL Yes, lots of relief nowadays. XO