When Do YOU Disappear?

March 30, 2015

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Avarcas USABlueberry Date ShakeColorful ChairsAm I the only one who completely goes into another world sometimes? Ok, surely not but when I get into “picture taking mode” as my husband calls it, I disappear. It kinds makes him crazy. AH! Sorry!

I get this glazed over look and I go into “A Beautiful Mind” in my head. The world becomes head shot backgrounds and geometric blocks of color. 

It is totally my happy place!!!! I took these on a smoothie/window shopping/location scouting walk this weekend. OOOHHH that blueberry date shake was good.

Where are other people escaping to?????

  • Books. Books are my main escape. Nothing better than some quiet time with a book and a big cup of Earl Grey with brown sugar to unplug and escape! Though exploring remote corners of the city on my own and letting myself slip into “picture mode” is a great option too, in nice weather!

  • Yes! I completely know what you mean…by seeing it in other creatives, and feeling it in myself! I think it happens to me when I’m prepping and photographing my projects as well! I’m fully in my own head and the objects that I’m working with!

  • I love how you capture things through photographs. You have such a creative eye! No wonder it’s your happy place.
    I think I get lost in music, writing, and truthfully sometimes I get caught up in Netflix… haha. 🙂

  • Haha it’s not just you Christina. My husband says I’m totally in my own world whenever I’m in photographer mode but my mind totally wanders when I’m doing food prep too and oddly that’s when I get some of my best creative ideas. Must be the sound of running water ^_~ Love how those colorful chairs are displayed on the wall.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • OOOOOH thank you, Rowena! Ah, food prep. I LOVE to let my mind wander in the kitchen! My husband gets his best ideas when he gets massages! lol He’s more tender than Kobe Beef (says my dad). lol Thank you! The photographer’s mind…it’s always on! ha!

  • Love those shoes. And the chairs. And the smoothies. Just all of it.

    • Thank you, Chelsea! We live a smoothie life! OMG we have so many. The chairs just got me. What an inventive display. I want to buy the chalk furniture paint just b/c of that!

  • Jessica

    I love these photos. The chairs are great.

    I tend to zone out into my own little world too. I have always been quite the daydreamer.

    • Thank you, Jessica! Yes, the chair/paint display just tickled me! I love daydreamers! They are the most interesting people!

  • Your pictures are so exquisite!

    • Wow, Pamela. That is so nice to hear you say! I just can’t get enough. I have photo greed! lol