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Something New

April 20, 2015

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Hello!! I have been busy creating a photography business and it has been so rewarding! It is SO exhilarating to get home from a shoot, photos marinating on that SD card and then splayed out on my computer. 

At first, I am terrified. Then I find a few photos to cling to and THEN I find GOLD!!!! AHHHH! What do you think?


April 13, 2015



We really have twins!!! Just kidding…

I was tickled when we showed up at the Joovy Southern California office and was told that we would be “modeling” the twinroo stroller! HA! 

We had Grant in both seats for photos and Ray, Joovy’s very awesome photographer photoshopped the photos together. 

Design Love Fest Workshops

April 6, 2015


IMG_4214-1 IMG_4218-2 IMG_4223-3 IMG_4226-4 IMG_4229-5 IMG_4231-6 IMG_4233-7 IMG_4235-8IMG_1264 IMG_4238-9I’ve always been such a Design Love Fest fan and I finally made it to one of their workshops! How fun! Ok, how awesome is that studio? Bri was super nice and Jen Gotch (Shop was there taking the class too. HA! 

The thing I’ve been really resisting is committing to a style in my photography and a lot of things we learned about in the workshop reminded me that it is critical to developing a brand. AHH! I can be very disciplined when I want to be so I can do this! 

What is your artistic/blog/motherhood/etc style in a few words? What is your “brand?” 

P.S. The photo of me was taken by my new friend, Jessica Alexander. Um, she is so delicately sweet and beautiful with a lovely English accent!