Design Love Fest Workshops

April 6, 2015


IMG_4214-1 IMG_4218-2 IMG_4223-3 IMG_4226-4 IMG_4229-5 IMG_4231-6 IMG_4233-7 IMG_4235-8IMG_1264 IMG_4238-9I’ve always been such a Design Love Fest fan and I finally made it to one of their workshops! How fun! Ok, how awesome is that studio? Bri was super nice and Jen Gotch (Shop was there taking the class too. HA! 

The thing I’ve been really resisting is committing to a style in my photography and a lot of things we learned about in the workshop reminded me that it is critical to developing a brand. AHH! I can be very disciplined when I want to be so I can do this! 

What is your artistic/blog/motherhood/etc style in a few words? What is your “brand?” 

P.S. The photo of me was taken by my new friend, Jessica Alexander. Um, she is so delicately sweet and beautiful with a lovely English accent! 

  • This has always looked SO fun to me too, and your photos are gorgeous!

    • Thank you, Stephanie! You would LOVE! I’ve never been so inspired!!!

  • It sounds like quite a cool workshop, and the decor always looks amazing! Glad to hear you had such a lovely time!

    • Hi, Elisa! Yes! The workshop was SO inspirational. I really wanted something to get the creative vibe re-ignited! It worked!!

  • This looks such such a great creative forum. The photo that Jessica took of you is really lovely Christina! I’m not sure if I have one specific style with my photography as I usually tend to adapt to my subjects but I’m technical in getting my exposures right so I can keep my processing minimal.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • Oh, Rowena! I needed something to really jumpstart some new creativity!!! This workshop did the trick! I’m still always working on exposures as well. I tend to overexpose and I’m afraid to underexpose for some reason!

  • This looks like such a lovely, artsy and creative space! Everyone’s style is just gorgeous!

    • p.s. you look so pretty and happy in that pic- love!!

      • Thank you, Abby!! OH you are nice! I am SUPER happy in that photo! I got to make a really sweet new friend sitting next to me and the workshop was so inspirational I didn’t want to leave! HA!

  • Gimme those donuts! So pretty and I bet they are delish.

    • Pamela, these donuts were the really really light doughy kind that feel like you could eat 4 more! HA! LOTS of frosting….very yummy. I just wanted to do a donut photo shoot all day. OK, I’m still blown away by your Instagram story. You are so hilarious!!!