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April 20, 2015

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Hello!! I have been busy creating a photography business and it has been so rewarding! It is SO exhilarating to get home from a shoot, photos marinating on that SD card and then splayed out on my computer. 

At first, I am terrified. Then I find a few photos to cling to and THEN I find GOLD!!!! AHHHH! What do you think?

  • Your hair looks supermodelesque in these photos!

  • These are beautiful images!

    • Thank you, love! I am so obsessed with looking at photos when I get home from a shoot! There are so fun!

  • these turned out so great! and you are obviously loving what you do which is the most important thing 🙂

    • Yes! I am SO in love with photography! Thank you! OK, I’m loving the Korea trip!!!

  • What I think? I think you are completely awesome and I’m so happy you are putting this talent of yours to good use!

    • Thank you, Elisa!!!! I am so happy to be a photographer! I really appreciate the feedback! XO

  • Sam

    These photos came out BEAUTIFULLY! Hurry and move back to San Diego so I can hire you as my personal photographer ;D

    • AHHH!! Thank you, SAM!!! We totally web-house-hunt on the daily for San Diego!!! 🙂 I could live in your coffee shop at night and take photos by day! LOL Thank you!!!

  • You are SO talented!