A Witness

May 4, 2015


Flat White CoffeeHey, I shared some observations that I had made about how I was reacting to my environment and my friend literally congratulated me for “being a witness” in my own life. Thank you, Jen.

How often do you stand back and look at your life as an observer?

I seriously blew my own mind. HA! I was able to make some amazing and simple changes that made me SO much happier!!! Literally most of the changes were just in my own head/heart.

Sometimes I would observe a patient’s change of temperament as soon as he was given a diagnosis for his longstanding “non-diagnosable” ailment. “Ah HA!” Now there was a plan of action. An identity. There were choices. 

Take a look! Are you willing to share?

(This is a shot from this weekend’s shoot I hope to share soon)