Grant’s First Birthday

June 8, 2015



He licked the frosting off my finger and really thought about it for a minute. It was his first real taste of cake. My heart ached…oh to watch him enjoy a simple new pleasure, the guilt of giving him sugar, the end of a infant stage and seeing a little gentleman emerge from the little babe he recently was.

I know we picked the right name. We really knew him before we met him. 

Grant loves to give hugs. He now fake-laughs when he hears people laughing. He LOVES his dad. He repeats things that I tell him I think are “so nice,” like when he once lay down as if taking a little break. 

I relate to him by giving him his space and respecting his curiosity and then I indulge myself by smothering him with cuddles. 

  • Super adorable! And that cupcake looks absolutely delicious.

  • ALREADY?! HOW?!! Happy birthday to that sweet little guy.