July 13, 2015



My body was at the beach but I was in a cloud, chasing after a little waddling baby in the sand. There was no other choice than to be present except it felt like a dream.

There is something magical I’ve found in 5 hours of straight sleep. It was maybe a couple months after Grant was born that I first got that 5 hour stretch and I felt like a superhero. I think I baked a cake from scratch that day, called friends to make plans and cleaned the whole house. 

Luckily there have been many 5 and 5+ hour stretches of sleep since then but the last week has given me no more than 4 hour segments and it has made me a mombie. 

Oh it must be teething or having dreams or realizing he’s in his big room alone that wakes him often these past nights. Oh, maybe it’s the professional-level fireworks people in my neighborhood like to set off at 3 am and then sometimes at 2 am. Hopefully the gleam of fireworks is wearing off. 

That mombie-ness does keep me in the present SO much.  Making plans for the future or decisions about anything outside of what Grant has to eat next or how he is feeling or what he wants to do for fun is just not possible. HA! 

What a gift amidst that dizzy, funny feeling of exhaustion.

Tonight. I feel a 5+ coming tonight!!


  • Wishing you a good six hour sleep soon! xo

    • Thank you, Chelsea! It HAPPENED! It was all the good vibes!! Thank you!!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful week!!!

  • Good luck! I’ll be sending SIX hour vibes your way, mombie. 🙂

    • You helped to make it happen! I’m on top of the world! LOL I seriously feel like a new person! Thank you, Becca!!!