Told You So

July 27, 2015


1008 Nancy Lane Costa Mesa Print Size-1He walked in from the garage carrying the aluminum one I had sent him out for and it looked huge. Like flying saucer huge. He kept saying how ridiculously large the light fixture was for the tiny dining area. 

“Wait, but I have two more in the car,” said the hero.

Then I saw it. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened…

When we first moved here to this place in Orange County, I had already decided I wasn’t too fond of it and I was going to do what it took to make it a place I liked. One of the first things I did was buy a cool, retro Ikea light fixture. It’s one of those off-white, matte enamel covered industrial drop lantern/pendant things. Minimal and throwback while matching our kind of farmhouse-ish little round dining set and giving it some life.

Please note, this was to replace Chris’ current existing medieval candelabra. If Dracula trolled craigslist, we’d have a buyer for it.

He HATED the Ikea fixture I brought home.  H.A.T.E.D. It was promptly returned. Hmph.

I recently reproached the lighting situation.  After a month of showing tons of light fixtures online, I say”I saw a new aluminum Ikea fixture you may like. It comes in 2 sizes and the big one may work but please pick up one in each size (the local Ikea was out so I sent him to one near his office).” He agrees. Remember that thing in psychology that says the more you look at something, the more attractive it becomes? Well.

He came home with it in the large size, a cream version of the smaller size and THEN…the EXACT same off-white fixture I had bought last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy. I was in “I told you so heaven,” until we tried to attach it to no avail. It was just not put together very well. 


Now there is no light. LOL

Pictured: An image from a Maison Du Soir social media shoot a while back-she is so cute.

  • Jessica

    I love that he brought home the same fixture that you had a year previously. It is adorable and funny.