October 12, 2015

HAPPINESS / Uncategorized

IMG_9569How do you recharge? Yesterday, I went to Target… It was glorious. I got an iced coffee and ran into someone I knew (for like 5 seconds) so I’ll add coffee date to that list. I put lots of things in my basket, walked around to areas multiple times and put most of the stuff back on the shelves. I checked my phone for Instagram decorating inspiration and web surfed. Even got a “look” from a salesperson that said, “This lady has been hovering in home decor for waay to long. Just buy that throw already, OK? It’s returnable. Gosh!” Ha! 

Phew. It’s easy for me to talk myself outta doing something for myself. I’m going to make a commitment to doing more of this! Any tips?

  • Oh man, I really LOVE doing things by myself…nobody to rush you, you can do and get whatever you want…I even just recently traveled by myself and it was amazing (granted, i was on business travel, so…). But I’m sure now with baby, you really cherish those little moments that you’re able to be and do things by yourself as much as you love being with baby! A tip, that even with baby, make sure you take that time out of everyday to do something for YOU, even if it means taking 20 minutes to do some yoga stretching or nap or read a good book when baby sleeps 🙂 whatever makes you happy…do it! xoxo

    • YES!!! I crave some time alone as well! Oh alone travel can be amazing and refreshing!!! Jessica, there have definitely been days when nap time means…upacking time, chores etc. I have to discipline myself from “responsibilities” during my free time. Great advice!!! It is reassuring and motivating!! Thank you!

  • Target with a coffee is my happy place!

    • AHHH! To think I did not start going there until three years ago. I know. Gasp! Would love to run into you there!