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My Galentine Rossmore LA

February 8, 2017


Years ago (before kiddos), Chris and I were renting a vacation condo in LA for a few weeks. One of my very good friends from high school lives there and we had gone out for lunch at a healthy cafe nearby. As I waited for her to return from the restroom, I saw Suzy (of Rossmore LA) sitting at a table, sorting tons of these beautiful, delicate silver rings in a million sizes. 

I wanted some! So, I introduced myself and asked her if they were for sale. She was separating them before delivering them to a boutique and offered me a good price. “These little rings keep my lights on,” she told me. I just fell in love with her. I bought a set of 5 silver rings- 2 I gave to the friend with me and I kept the other three for myself. Suzy’s story of her jewelry line, Rossmore LA, is wonderful from selling all her stuff to get it going and nearly giving up to finding her jewelry on Kate Bosworth and Jessica Alba to recently being on (and winning) the show Billion Dollar Buyer. 

Each piece is hand made. She calls her jewelry, “The broken noses,” as in each is not perfect and that is why they are beautiful. 

I have a skinny ring in gold and the few in silver. Now I wear them low in the traditional spot but the smaller sizes are meant to be worn on the higher knuckles and they are so super cute. The Heron ring is also a fave!

All her earrings are versatle and I love the small size. 

All three necklaces are so dear to me and you see that I am wearing one of them at all times. I wore them here together to give you an idea of scale. I love how the heart one is meant to be worn off to the side. 

You can shop her website: Rossmore LA

Or visit her on Instagram: RossmoreLA