Stokke Steps High Chair System Review

August 21, 2017

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This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own. We received the Stokke Steps high chair system at the start of the year and have used it from bouncer to table. It is a multi component chair that evolves with your growing child’s needs. It has been so practical as well as beautiful!


So there is the main chair component with legs that works like a mini, elevated seat for a toddler. To that, you can attach either the bouncer for when they are newborns OR when they can sit up on their own, you remove the bouncer and attach the Baby Set (seat with the leg holes and harness) and tray.

  1. Bouncer (used alone or attaches to chair as depicted in image above)
  2. Toddler chair (main base that you attach either the bouncer to or the Baby Set and tray)
  3. Baby Set (seat with leg holes and harness)
  4. Tray
  5. Padding for Baby Set

Overall Design

Stokke products are BEAUTIFUL! It is very easy to clean because the tray comes off and there really aren’t any cracks/spaces where food can get stuck. It lays flat too which is nice in case you want to remove it and set in down on a surface. 

This high chair system has been created so thoughtfully. It’s just smart and easy. My baby is comfortable and I can manage to keep it clean which makes me happy!


There are now so many options to give it a look that suits your family’s personality and decor. 

  1. Select color of legs (I chose whitewash there are many great finishes)
  2. Select color of seat and foot rest (black or white)
  3. Select color of bouncer padding (I chose greige)
  4. Select color of Baby Set (the seat with leg holes and harness) black/white/pink
  5. Select color of tray black/white


The bouncer seat works both on its own on the floor and as an attachment to the chair as pictured. I used it to keep Mark near me while i did dishes sometimes and he loved being up high. I was super excited to get a few minutes to catch up on housework.

It was also suuuuper cool to have him in the there next to us at the table while we all ate. He loved that too. The angle and height are awesome.

Baby Seat

Plenty of room to easily pull our big baby in an out. The harness is very secure. You can also adjust the size of the baby seating area. It’s just really easy to wipe down and keep clean. The materials are so hardy and resist staining so well.

It is obviously comfortable as you can see, little Mark sometimes naps in it. Ha! The padding was awesome when he was younger and I was feeding him. Now mealtimes are a tornado with Mark feeding himself, so i have removed the pads to save myself some work.


This is a premium high chair and you definitely get a premium product for this price. I use this high chair three times a day and will use it for years. I’m the kind of person who has had the same handbag for 8 years. It looks great still and it should for the price! Ha!

The entire system is a dream. If you are wanting to put some dough elsewhere, the toddler seat, Baby Set and tray are the way to go.

It is a piece of furniture in our eating area. It blends right in. I spend a lot of time with it and I enjoy it so much!


Like many high chairs, the legs spread outwards for stability and that means a few tow jams now and again. Ha!


Premium design for looks and function. Excellent quality. Safe. Easy to clean and keep clean. Versatile. I love this chair and highly recommend it. 

You can play with building/customizing your own here: Stokke Steps Highchair System

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