15 Beautiful Books That Will Transform Your Home Right Now

September 25, 2017


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All Books Linked Below:

Urban Jungle //  Habitat  //  Sage Living

The New Bohemians //  Emily Henderson Styled  //  Sunday Suppers

Domino  //  Eat Drink Nap  //  Domino

The 52 Lists Projects  // The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up //  How to be a Domestic Goddess

The Food Lab  //  Breakfast  //  Green Kitchen Smoothies

Why Books?

One of my favorite easy and relatively inexpensive ways to decorate is with books. Many of these books are under $20 and can make a big impact on your mood when you see the colors, images and titles.

Do me a favor and please scroll up to the photo with Mark on our kitchen counter. Ok, now put your hand over the basket of books. Do you see what a big difference that book makes in giving the space character and a pop? Cool!

Styling TIP!

***Think in THREES (or just odd numbers) when decorating


How to Style with Books

1. In a basket

I have this wire basket in our kitchen and fill it with the cookbooks I’m currently into. I swap out the front one depending on the mood and color scheme I’m feeling. 

2. Stacked

Stack odd numbers of book or line up a bunch on a shelf display. 

3. Layered with Objects

Add a pretty candle and a decorative object (keeping odd numbers of things in each group) to make a little design vignette. I found these beads at the Long Beach Flea Market from a guy selling tons of sea glass and African textiles. I love to stack potted plants on a book pile too. Get crazy, ok? Ha!

I also love to give pretty books as gifts!

Have fun and let me know about any other beautiful books you love!

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