Lolleez: Best Natural Sore Throat Relief For Kids & a Giveaway

November 27, 2017


This post is sponsored by Lolleez. All opinions are my own. 

We have had so many sick days this year! Lolleez sent us these throat soothing pops to try and I was really excited to have another trick for helping these guys out when they weren’t feeling well.

The Details:

+Lolleez are organic throat soothing pops for kids 
+Made from USDA Certified ingredients like organic honey and natural fruit pectin 
+Worry-free, flat lollipops 
+Non-GMO as well as gluten, dairy and nut free
+Three delicious flavors: Watermelon, Strawberry and Orange Mango
+Created by a mom that wanted a simple solution to a simple problem 


HUGE hit here! The natural fruit pectin is what soothes their throats. 

You can shop for them in stores HERE or order them online to have them on hand HERE

Visit Loleez

Web site:
Instagram: @Lolleez_Pops
On my Instagram Page (HERE) you can enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card (details on how to enter located on that Instagram Post caption). Contest closes at 9PM PST on Thursday, November 30, 2017.

**Enter to win a free bag of Lolleez Pops by commenting below with A TIP ON HOW TO GET THROUGH FLU SEASON. I will choose a random winner at 9PM PST on Thursday, November 30, 2017. Please leave me a way to contact you (IG handle or email address).

 These giveaways are in no connection with Amazon or Instagram.
  • Ashley Bree Perez


    would love to win!

  • Jody

    Need these so bad🤗🤗🤗 Can’t wait to try these. My son gets bronchial infections and is always coughing and using a nebulizer😐 I just tried halls and he wasn’t a fan. He said they were ok but I found them have licked, lying around the house😏

  • Donita

    This time of year I always double up on my daughters vitamin C.

  • Stephanie Vann

    We use lots of essential oils, immune boosting foods and elderberry syrup!

    • Stephanie Vann

      IG: @stephvann

  • Elizabeth

    We do elderberry too, sodium ascorbate, mercolas kids probiotic, wash hands often, supplement with VIT C and D, and eat as many foods with vit C like
    Kiwi, red bell peppers, etc… getting outside time is key in the sun as well as avoiding the flu shot since it’s full of toxic ingredients and lowers your immune system! <3

  • Jessica Michelsen

    We make elderberry syrup and take shots of it every day…or every day that we remember to 🙂 @jessicamichelsen:disqus

  • Sandra Meaders

    We like to get through the flu season by getting shots, washing our hands frequently and etc.

  • Christina L

    Vitamin C and lots of tea! 🙂 @christinaloewen <3

    • Awesome! You are the winner! Thank you for entering, Christina!

  • Elena

    I get a flu shot and take vitamin C to get through flu season
    elena150980 at yahoo dot com