Holiday Gift Guide For One Year Olds to Three Year Olds

December 9, 2017

Baby favorites


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1. Dig it Up Dinosaur Eggs, Bugs and Minerals  – Soak them in water to soften them up and then use the included chisel to find the item inside. These require adult help. Our three year old is obsessed!!

2. Excavator Digger Scooter So cool for construction obsessed kids to have their own excavator. We use it indoors. 

3. Personalized Name Puzzle – Love this small shop!

4. Cash Register – The kids love playing “store” so I want to add this to the lineup.

5. Shopping Cart – We use this for imaginary play as well as for cleanup to get all the toys centralized.

6. Noah the Dog from Cuddle and Kind – For each doll sold, this company gives 10 meals to kids in need all around the world. Handmade and heirloom quality.

7. Crystal Growing Kit– Our three year old has been asking for this since he saw it in a catalog. Surely too old for him but together it will be a fun project. 

8. Laugh and Learn Crawl Around Car – SO this is more for 6 month olds learning to pull themselves up but its just been such a hit for both kids so I included it.

9. Rody – You will love the fun colors and they will love getting out energy and bouncing around. 

10. Sand Box – Fun for small construction and imaginary play on the patio or backyard.

11. The Very Hungry Catapiller Scooter– Super fun and cute in your play area.

12. Magnetiles – We have something similar and lots of creative play comes from these.

13. Tonka Tinys – Our three year old boy is obsessed. These come in individual surprise boxes (you can find them at Target near the Thomas the Train toys) or here is a set where you can see the two and get one surprise. 

14. Bruder Garbage Can Set– Great for the bathtub, small enough for travel and have had SO many hours of play.

15. Dyson Vacuum – our little 1.5 year old is obsessed with this. It makes a sound when you turn it on and another button makes it really suction (although nothing like the real thing lol).