Modern Farmhouse Entryway

December 18, 2017


1. These pillows are handmade, high quality and come in the most unique and farmhouse perfect patterns. 

2. Add a rug like this 

3. These sconces come in a single form and a double version. We have both. The double one is great by the door for more light and the singles give gentle light up the stairway. Dimmers help to set the mood as well!

4. A circular mirror 

5. This minimal desk is so pretty for a larger entryway

6. This simple bench is small and can be styled so many ways with baskets and pillows.

7. A gorgeous tufted bench for putting on shoes. I also want this for at the foot of our bed someday! 

8. These are the perfect transitional style hooks. They come in many colors and this matte black adds pops of interest. 

9. These boots are not only super cute and functional but they make an entryway look so inviting. This version is the thinner, lighter and more comfortable version. 

10. Baskets are great for hiding clutter and adding warm textiles/texture to a space.