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How To Spoil a Mom

February 23, 2015

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IMG_3813-1-2Here are a few luxuries for any woman who wants to treat herself.  

Soon after Grant was born (8.5 months ago), showering was my first luxury. This was followed by shaving, giving myself a good blow out and eventually things like haircuts and pedicures.

Well, people, I’m moving into a world of spoiling myself again and here are my latest favorites!!!

I finally bought myself a Volcano candle from Anthropologie…before only as gifts!

NARS blush in Desire (blue pink). 

Tarte BB Cream for a “daily” easy look. “I woke up like this.”

The softest, most stylish pajamas I’ve ever had from Maison Du Soir. They pack up so small and and light. PERFECT for our upcoming vacation. Now I can stop dressing like a Yeti at least one night a week. This top will also be seen as daywear with jeans! HA!

Caudalie. Real eye/lip antiaging cream and I actually use it daily (probably because it was like a million dollars).

What are you spoiling yourself with? If not, what do you want!? 

P.S. Did a quick overhaul yesterday of the design. Thought about it a lot and then sped through the nuts and bolts. Needs a bit of work but what do you think?

Wedding Eyes

September 8, 2014

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P9050035-1 P9070041-1The top photo was from the rehearsal dinner for Chris’ sister and her fiancé on Friday night. This golf course venue is so sweet. 

The next night…wedding with a baby? It took us a few tries to get photoboothing with a baby right. I promise I didn’t drop him in that top left photo.

I was hell-bent on wearing my fake lashes. It’s that thing that makes me feel like I’m that mom who has it all together and then some. 

FALSE LASH PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Do not do them if you are in any kind of rush. My eyes were on fire from the glue smear. Too much glue clumped chunks of lashes together hardening into little splinters that scratched my cornea with each blink. People felt awkward maintaining eye contact with me. 

This is why 90% of photos from that night are with my eyes closed. Chris and I DID get to have one quick dance together and his toast made his sister cry. Pretty much nailed it. 

Makeup For Working Out

February 19, 2014

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yoga mat

When do you take your face off? I had a roommate in Newport, RI, in my early twenties, who would NEVER go makeup free, even around me. She would take a nightly bath and make up her face afterwards just to watch TV with me. Wouldn’t it be cool to think she was doing it to impress me? Not really. She said that she had rosacia and never went without makeup. She used Bare Minerals and always looked beautiful to me. She was the kind of girl who always had fresh lipstick on. I MAY reapply once during the day. May.

I’m always so impressed when I see people at work out classes or on hikes who have full makeup on and cute hair. So when I went for a hike with friends a couple of weekends ago, I totally did some light makeup and threw on some earrings. I felt so great! I even liked my little outfit, belly and all. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I was totally blown away by the hotties at my prenatal yoga class that I started wearing makeup to class too! 

My “workout” makeup doesn’t include liquid foundation but it does include a bit of concealer, blush, brow powder and mascara at the least. Maybe a bit of powder and light lipstick. 

Does my husband notice? Not sure. But, I have been feeling so much better. 

P.S. I’ve been doing yoga in our dining room lately because my favorite teacher does AWESOME online classes. It’s only $15 per month! The only drawback? Smelling the aroma of bacon from breakfast sometimes while I’m in side plank. 

Not Your Run of the Mill Makeup

October 7, 2013

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So, my favorite bloggers post videos of themselves doing their makeup “at the request of their readers.” Well, I did not receive any requests but I decided to do one anyway. If I was ever stranded on a desert island, I would make it only because I now know that I can turn into Tom Hanks in Castaway. Here I am telling Wilson (Tom Hank’s imaginary volleyball head friend) how I put on my face every day. Seriously I’m having too much fun learning how to use iMovie, YouTube and making layouts. Remember that episode of Oprah when she didn’t wear makeup and showed you how her face was made up?

Not Your Run of the Mill Makeup


Here are the basics. I switch it up by using different lipsticks. Lately I’ve been wearing Fanfare by MAC.

Photo Face

August 9, 2013

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Photo Face


What are you up to this weekend? I am ORGANIZING and spending time with my family. Having my sister, Tracey, back is so great. We are going to take a sunset cruise on a sailboat out of downtown Seattle this evening to start. Yay!
So, I’ve been really into makeup lately because of all the photos we plan on taking for our vacation and wedding. Are you photo-ready/date-night ready with your makeup? I’ve been learning some tricks from my sister, “David Bowie” (AWESOME downtown Seattle MAC specialist/salesperson and David Bowie channeling muse) and tutorials sent from my friend and fellow bride-to-be, Nancy.
1. MAC Fix + is a magical misting spray that primes your skin to suck up moisture before applying your face (moisturizer and makeup) and then works as a finishing spray to set your makeup. I usually use really natural face products but for special occasions I’ll splurge on this kind of thing that boosts your look from “cute” to “catwalk.” It has caffeine in it!
2. Fake eyelashes are ESSENTIAL in creating a really made-up but “natural” look. I chose a level 4 to start with but I’m now addicted to how great they look and I want to try out a higher/thicker/longer model. They look stunning on film. Use a little eyeliner to blend them right in. Please Please Please try them! $14 at MAC (and they trim them to fit you) or a lot less at Target or drugstores. P.S. I bought my DUO eyelash glue at MAC but you can get it at Target for a smidge less.
My favorite mascara is Loreal Volumenous in Waterproof. It is the only mascara I’ve found that holds the curl I make with a lash curler. Otherwise my lashes are kinda long but straight!
**WAIT 3o seconds after applying the glue to the lashes before attaching them to your lid. The tackiness that develops will help in positioning them properly.
3.  I am using the MAC mineral powder (above left) over a Chanel liquid foundation. Those two plus the Fix + make my skin look the best it ever has. I use a Shiseido stick concealer for under the eyes. This looks great in photos-your face looks fresh, not shiny but moisturized.
4. I’ve also been learning how to apply eyeshadow in a really subtle way with liquid liner. Check out this Lisa Eldridge K.I.S.S. Valentines Makeup Tutorial Nancy sent me. It’s what she calls a very French look. I love the navy blue eyeliner I’m using now! I bought this E.L.F. Little Black Book eyeshadow kit at Marshall’s for like $5 to try out different colors. For more pigmented colors opt for MAC but these kits are great for experimenting on your own. I always need to have a good idea of what I want before I go to the makeup counter.
**Too much shimmery shadow can give the eye a flat dimension so combine shimmers with mattes.
5. I am LOVING the MAC Cremesheen lipsticks. I just bought fanfare (bright red/coral). Pink Swoon is a bright pink blush from MAC that goes on sheer. So cute.
Some randoms of the week for you:
Sexy Thai Brassiere Commercial – not what you think!
Wow It’s Mom, But I’m Sleepy – the viral baby video that’s ridiculously cutesy

The Perfect Mani & Pedi for Weird Nails

July 23, 2013

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Do you get your nails done at a salon? I go every once in a while now. The salon I go to has a “happy hour” from 1-3 on weekdays where all the services are discounted! When it comes to my nails (and everything) I am SUPER picky!! Surprising? Aren’t you? I love a shellac french manicure for my nails…

Shellac French Manicure Short

…and a solid bright color in the red family on my toes.


We all have our nail quirks: My left big toenail somehow inspires EVERY nail technician to file it in a REALLY CROOKED way (and my sister called each of my pinky toenails “rabbit tooth” growing up). It ends up looking like it’s giving me a little salute from down there. So, what do I do? I “pre-trim” and “pre-shape” them before I go. When they ask me, “Do you want cut short,” I say, “NO thank you” with the biggest smile slash “I’m dead serious/don’t touch that toenail” face I can muster.

Today I made the mistake of not pre-trimming/shaping. Yes, you guessed it, LEFT TOE SALUTE! I saw her filing that little puppy down to a nub on one side and leaving it long and sharp on the other. I showed her how I wanted it by holding the file and angling it in the direction I wanted. Still, the short end got shorter (possible?). A lady working two chairs down from us got up and came over. She took control, grabbed nail clippers and cut off the super long part. Then the filing began again…on the short side. So, little salute returned. I let it go. It’s really not that bad this time. This is kind of embarrassing to put a close up of my weird to on the internet.


My left big toenail basically can’t turn left or something. It’s no one’s fault. That toenail wants it that way.

Something every nail person likes to do is tell me how small my nails are, “Look, look at my nail and look at your nail. So small!” I take it as a compliment.

A few times ago, the women at the salon were laughing and speaking quickly in Vietnamese. I could tell they were talking about the middle-aged man/woman couple about to check out of the salon. The man and woman knew they were being talked about and giggled as well. After they left, I HAD to know what was so amusing. My nail cosmetologist hesitated before telling me…as if it would be a betrayal to translate it to me. Luckily, I’m half Asian…so maybe that helped?

Apparently, the couple were getting their nails done for their upcoming weekend wedding. The women working at the salon thought the idea of “older” people getting married was such a hoot! They couldn’t stop laughing.

A friend shared this video on Nail Salon Standup with me. Hilarious. So right on.

P.S. My manicure (not pedicure) person is going to be at the top of my “What I’ll Miss Most About Seattle” list. She is incredible.