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Told You So

July 27, 2015


1008 Nancy Lane Costa Mesa Print Size-1He walked in from the garage carrying the aluminum one I had sent him out for and it looked huge. Like flying saucer huge. He kept saying how ridiculously large the light fixture was for the tiny dining area. 

“Wait, but I have two more in the car,” said the hero.

Then I saw it. My jaw dropped and my eyes widened…

When we first moved here to this place in Orange County, I had already decided I wasn’t too fond of it and I was going to do what it took to make it a place I liked. One of the first things I did was buy a cool, retro Ikea light fixture. It’s one of those off-white, matte enamel covered industrial drop lantern/pendant things. Minimal and throwback while matching our kind of farmhouse-ish little round dining set and giving it some life.

Please note, this was to replace Chris’ current existing medieval candelabra. If Dracula trolled craigslist, we’d have a buyer for it.

He HATED the Ikea fixture I brought home.  H.A.T.E.D. It was promptly returned. Hmph.

I recently reproached the lighting situation.  After a month of showing tons of light fixtures online, I say”I saw a new aluminum Ikea fixture you may like. It comes in 2 sizes and the big one may work but please pick up one in each size (the local Ikea was out so I sent him to one near his office).” He agrees. Remember that thing in psychology that says the more you look at something, the more attractive it becomes? Well.

He came home with it in the large size, a cream version of the smaller size and THEN…the EXACT same off-white fixture I had bought last year!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh boy. I was in “I told you so heaven,” until we tried to attach it to no avail. It was just not put together very well. 


Now there is no light. LOL

Pictured: An image from a Maison Du Soir social media shoot a while back-she is so cute.

Power of Intention

June 15, 2015


MDS April Social Media-6I have a really exciting photography project coming up! You know when you put something out there like, “I’d like to be busier with my work,” and then it happens? 

I used to “say” these kinds of things all the time and then they happened! People would actually ask me what “my secret” was. I just said things in my head or out loud that I wanted. It was like saying a little prayer. Some people call it The Law of Attraction.

The past few years I had kind of stopped doing this for lots of reasons and probably no reasons but regardless I stopped and “things” kinda stopped happening. 

Is anyone willing to “say” something they want here? I want to know what other people are hoping for!!! I also want to put out intentions for you as well!

*How cool are these layouts for Maison Du Soir‘s new line?

Sponges and Sinks

June 1, 2015


Jen Soho House-2


I got to go to a cool talk given by Jen Kleiner at Soho House in LA a little while ago. She was touching on how to be a good listener, allowing someone to “wring out their sponge” while you serve as a “sink.” I’m always working on this!

These glasses totally caught my attention. Aren’t they exquisite? Hope you are having a very cool Monday.

A Witness

May 4, 2015


Flat White CoffeeHey, I shared some observations that I had made about how I was reacting to my environment and my friend literally congratulated me for “being a witness” in my own life. Thank you, Jen.

How often do you stand back and look at your life as an observer?

I seriously blew my own mind. HA! I was able to make some amazing and simple changes that made me SO much happier!!! Literally most of the changes were just in my own head/heart.

Sometimes I would observe a patient’s change of temperament as soon as he was given a diagnosis for his longstanding “non-diagnosable” ailment. “Ah HA!” Now there was a plan of action. An identity. There were choices. 

Take a look! Are you willing to share?

(This is a shot from this weekend’s shoot I hope to share soon)

When Do YOU Disappear?

March 30, 2015

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Avarcas USABlueberry Date ShakeColorful ChairsAm I the only one who completely goes into another world sometimes? Ok, surely not but when I get into “picture taking mode” as my husband calls it, I disappear. It kinds makes him crazy. AH! Sorry!

I get this glazed over look and I go into “A Beautiful Mind” in my head. The world becomes head shot backgrounds and geometric blocks of color. 

It is totally my happy place!!!! I took these on a smoothie/window shopping/location scouting walk this weekend. OOOHHH that blueberry date shake was good.

Where are other people escaping to?????

Are You Likable

March 23, 2015


IMG_3935-1I really appreciate the well wishes for our health! We are almost cured. 

Do you watch The Bachelor? What an ending, huh? During the show I am often reminded of that idea that if someone is going to like me, they are going to like me. It’s a funny thing, liking, yes? 

When I have felt unliked, I have totally fallen into that mind spinning worry of, “Was it something I said/did?” It’s so calming to remember that it’s just a natural thing that people do when they like or dislike. 

Be myself and love that self. All the right people gravitate. Wow. OK. Next? HA!

Happy Monday!